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Just like that...She's 10

Yup, this sassy lady turned 10. And yes, she dressed up as a Narwhal A very cool Narwhal. Happy Birthday, Ladybug!

Wordless Wednesday: Binghamton Fall Open 1

Yup, that's me fencing foil this past Saturday at Binghamton University. This was my first competition since my knee surgery back in June. Good news...the knee is still attached. Even better news... I placed 5th out of 14 in mixed foil. For me at my age, that's not too shabby :) 

Henry or Murphy? Or Both?

It's been a while...blah blah blah. Life has been busy, blah blah blah. Sorry I've been away blah blah blah. I'm a taxi mom blah blah blah. Okay good. So we've got that all out the way now so I can get down to what's on my mind. Last night, I had time to think. Who knew that would be a luxury item. Time to think. Well these days it is. So back to it. I had time to think and I had a potential Aha moment. Of course we'll have to see if this does eventually pan out but I am happy to say that there are still brain cells in my head that are functioning and that are excited to be doing just that. This is what I was thinking about.  Yes that darn nemesis of mine. Ella!!! (Said like Stella a la Streetcar Named Desire.) If you are new to my blog then I will mention that Ella Kerr Smith Dixon, my paternal great grandmother has a tendency to keep me up late at night. What if Ella's mom was a Henry and not a Murphy? Or what if she was both? Right n