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Great Grandma Ophelia Went To Summer School

Images from the Annual catalog of the Negro Agricultural and  Technical College of  North Carolina, Vol 13, No. 2

I had to take a break from researching my Sampson County, NC kin on my father's side. It was making my eyeballs hurt. So I did some Googling on my Morehead City folks and came up with something new.
My maternal great grandma Ophelia T. Jones Bryant attended Summer school in 1921. The above entry was from a list of teachers who attended The A & T College Summer session in Greensboro, NC that year.

Ophelia Bryant worked as a school teacher in Morehead City, NC. She was also a devoted wife and mother. It's interesting to note that my great grandma attended Summer school the year before her daughter/my grandmother Mary Bryant Harrison Horton was born.

My great grandmother Ophelia and my grandmother Mary.
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Go On Girl!

Can I tell you I am so impressed by technology these days. I have a Samsung 5 and it sends me notifications when Google Assistant has created something new with the pictures I've taken. Well the other day after attending my daughter's gymnastic meet it sent me this cute little movie.  Anyway, I am a proud mama and I can't help but share what my ladybug has been up to.
Carousel Classic Results:
1st Bars     8.0  3rd Vault  8.5 4th Floor  7.9 3rd Beam 8.7
2nd Place All Around Score 33.1 

This Week Has Been Too Much.

The week started off with the sudden death of a friend. Then, Prince passed away yesterday. I am about ready to call this week done. Let your loved ones know that you love them. Live each day to its fullest. We don't know when we'll be called home to glory, but know this when it's your time... well, it's your time. Rest in peace Curtis. Rest in peace Prince. See you on the other side.

Genealogy Blog Party April 2016: Time Travel to an Ancestor!

Elizabeth O'Neal of the blog Little Bytes Of Life is hosting a Genealogy Blog Party and I have decided to take part in it because it looks like a lot of fun.

The theme for this month has a sci-fi spin to it. What if you could time travel to an ancestor! 


You and The Doctor (of Doctor Who fame) have just finished saving the Earth from nasty, alien monsters. As your reward, The Doctor has offered to take you for a ride in his TARDIS to meet one of your ancestors!

Who is the ancestor you will meet?
What question(s) do you need him/her to answer?
Is there a problem you can help your ancestor solve?
Will you reveal your true identity to your ancestor? If so, how will your visit impact the future? (Remember what happened to Rose when she went back to meet her father.)

Will you bring your ancestor to the future to meet his/her descendants? What will be the outcome, if you do?

Oh how I wish I could do this for real. There's nothing that I wouldn't like better than going back in time…

National Siblings Day Shout Out To My Big Brother

Sending a big shout out to my big brother today in honor of National Siblings Day! Thanks for always being there and for putting up with my silliness all these years. Love you big guy :)

Here's a picture of us back in the day  on my 3rd birthday...

...and here he is today.

Something About Me Saturday: More Siesta Key Pictures 2016

It's been a couple weeks now since we returned from Siesta Key, Florida and I'm finally getting around to posting the last of my pictures. Time flies when your having fun and we certainly had a great time. Miss the sunshine already. Today I woke up to snow showers. Snow showers! Really?!! Oh well Spring will come to upstate NY eventually. 

Something About Me Saturday: Another Generation Takes A Stab At Fencing

Guess who's fencing now?

That not so little dude on the left started fencing this past Monday.
You know I am pretty excited about this. He had a lot of fun.  Here's hoping it continues. In the end, if he decides the sport isn't for him, I am totally okay with it.  (Says the mother secretly wishing for a training partner.)

Chasing Jacobs --Part Two: So Many Pieces To The Puzzle

Well, you could say that this has turned into a project (smile.)  Hey, what can I say. I like to keep busy.

First, if you missed Part One, here's the link to that post:  Chasing Jacobs --Part One.

In Part One, I spoke of my theory that perhaps, my paternal 3rd great grandfather Jacob Kerr's father was named Jacob as well. I highlighted a Jacob Bronson who could possibly have been some sort of relation to my Jacob Kerr. Well, this kind of opened a can of worms. 

After looking through the estate files of a few of the family's associated with this Jacob Bronson I noticed some naming trends. Then I thought perhaps the best way to get a handle on the situation would be to set up a work in progress family tree. This way I could start to see where these names and families all intersect. Pretty soon I was doing all sorts of lookups on death certificates and censuses. Yadayada and now I have created a new pile of paperwork. (Smile)

Anywho, I feel better. You know why?  This is part of …