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It's My 5th Blogiversary!

I can't express enough how grateful I am that folks still want to follow along with me on this grand genealogy journey of mine. Thank you for your continued support and interest.

5 years! Now that's a milestone. I have to say that I am proud of myself that I've stayed the course. And why wouldn't I? I am having an absolute blast doing something that I love. 

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Here's One Of My Genealogy "Duh" Moments

Did you hear about the Genealogy Blog Party going on over at Elizabeth O'Neal's Little Bytes of Life blog. If you haven't, click here for more information. 


What was your Genealogy "Duh Moment," and how did you solve it?

For this month's Genealogy Blog Party, tell us about a mistake you've made in your genealogy research, how you discovered it, and ultimately, how you solved it. 

I have to be honest with you. I have had so many "Duh" moments that I would be probably writing for days if I were to provide all the details. For this post, I am going to focus on just one. 

This "Duh" moment involves an ancestor that I recently identified as a maternal 2nd great grand uncle. His name was Carolina Hauckins. I have been sharing how I discovered him and what I know so far of his life in theses posts:

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His Name Was Carolina Hauckins --Part Three

If you missed Parts One and Two, please click on the following links:  

His name was Carolina Hauckins -- Part One

His Name Was Carolina Hauckins --Part Two

So you know how you read something and then all of a sudden a whole new world is potentially opened up for you. Well, that's what happened when I read these words.

"My father was a slave and I took the name of my master --name Hauckins." 

These words I found in my 2nd great grand uncle Carolina Hauckins's Civil War Pension file. Pension files are such wonderful records to find. They can provide details sometimes that you just can't find anywhere else. Finding out that Carolina Hauckins's master was someone with the surname Hauckins gives me an avenue to continue my research. I may have unlocked a door to finding out the names of other kin who were owned by the same man.

Before I came to the page that had the words I highlighted at the beginning of this post, I came across this.

Now this was his wife's testim…

His Name Was Carolina Hauckins --Part Two

If you missed Part One, here's the link:  His name was Carolina Hauckins -- Part One

Well, as I continued to review through Carolina Hauckins's Civil War pension file it became evident that this man was indeed my 2nd great grand uncle. I mentioned in my last post that the pension information for Carolina's widow was mixed up with his own pension paperwork. I was too eager to find out if this was my dude so I decided to organize the paperwork at a later time. These affidavits were part of Agnes Hauckins's paperwork for her pension.

Affidavit provided by Wm H Jones and Oliver Jones
Affidavit provided by Elizabeth Jones
The Jones siblings provided testimony that Carolina Hauckins was their brother and that Agnes Hauckins was his wife. In addition to that I now had marriage date for the couple, May 5, 1881!

But why did Carolina go by the surname Hauckins when the rest of the family went by the surname Jones? 

To be continued...

His Name was Carolina Hauckins -- Part One

My last post was one that I had started a few weeks ago, but just got around to finishing last week. In it I mentioned how I came across a man named Carline Hauckins when I did a review on what I knew about my 3rd great grandfather Cesar Jones. If you missed that post click here.  I ordered Carline's Civil War Pension file to see if in fact we were related.  I wasn't going to rely on just what was on Carline's death certificate. Yes, it did list a Cesar Jones and Mary Jones of Morehead City, NC as his parents. Were these my Cesar and Mary?

Well, Christmas came early this year because guess what came in the mail. You guessed it, the pension file. Did I get answers? Yes. Will I share them? Yes. First, I have to clear one thing up in particular.

His name was Carolina Hauckins. Previously, I referred to him as Carline and that was incorrect. So from this point on, Carolina is how I will refer to him.

Here's a look at how Carolina's potentially connected to me. (Click on t…

Carline, Are You Mine?

Carline, are you mine? That's a questions I've been toying around with lately. Wait. Hold on a minute? Who is Carline? 

Carline Hawkins may just happen to be another son of my maternal 3rd great grandparents Cesar Jones and Mary H Mitchel of Morehead City, NC. If you missed my posts about Cesar and Mary, here are the links so that you can get acquainted with them. 

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Amanuensis Monday: The Will Of Mary Mitchel Jones

A couple a years ago, I came across an entry in's North Carolina, Marriages 1741-2011 database that I thought might have been for my 3rd great grandparents.

 Source Information North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011 [database on-line].  Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.Original data: North Carolina County Registers of Deeds. Microfilm. Record Group 048. North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC.
This entry shows a Cesar Jones and Mary Hawki…

Our Musician --Spring Concert 2016

Our viola player played with confidence during his Spring Concert. So proud of our big guy. If you saw my post that featured pictures from my daughter's recent gymnastics meet, you saw the little movie that was generated by Google Assistant from the pictures I had taken. That movie was auto created by the app and sent to me on my phone. I loved the movie so much I decided I should check out what other things I could do with Google Assistant. I love it when I find a new toy to play with! If you are not familiar with Google Assistant and Google Photos, take a look at the following link: