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Anna Maria Island 2018 --Part Two


52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks 2018 Edition: #12 Charles Lee Harrison's Misfortune

If you are not familiar with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Blog Prompt Series hosted by fellow blogger Amy Johnson Crow, please take a moment and check out the link here:

Let's just say life has been incredibly busy so I am still working on March's prompts. Some day, hopefully soon I'll get caught up. 

Week 12:  Misfortune
There is no family tree that has not has some misfortune. This week, I encourage you to explore some of it. It doesn't have to be a heart-wrenching tragedy. It could be a set-back in business or a missed opportunity. Write about something that didn't go the way your ancestor would have wanted or had planned.

This is the first time I've written about my great grand uncle Charles Lee Harrison. Before I get to his misfortune, I would like to share what I know of his life.

The most reliable evidence of his birth date I believe can be found on his Word War I Draft Registration form on which it li…

Meet Frederica...Maybe

A painting I inherited from my Dad. I believe this is Frederica Augusta Inniss Murrell
Bit by bit. Piece by piece. I've been going through pictures, letters and other memorabilia I inherited from my father. I've also been doing some great work with my therapist regarding processing my feelings. My takeaway for the week has been that I can love and be mad at my dad at the same time. Mad feels like too strong of a word. I'm annoyed but my heart has already forgiven him. Yes, my dad knew how much I loved family history and yet all these treasures he kept to himself. The conversations we could have had about this stuff. Sigh. It wasn't meant to be. 
Grief is a process of unraveling. Layer by layer, I'm on a path of discovery. I've been reading some letters written by father when he was a young man. This was a much more optimistic time in his life. To see his words on paper expressing feelings of joy and youthful optimism has been a revelation. Anyway, enough of my r…

Anna Maria Island 2018


Church Record Sunday: Harold Murrell Senior's Baptismal Record

Church Record Sunday is a blog prompt developed by Gena Philibert Ortega of Gena's Geneology blog. The prompt involves sharing an individual church record or a set of church records that has been helpful with your research.

Well, this recent find from among the papers and pictures I inherited from my father certainly has helped me. This is one of two copies of a baptismal record for my dad's father/my grandfather Harold Murrell Sr. He was born in Barbados in 1903. This document allowed me for the first time to learn my grandfather's full name.

Here's the details:

Baptism Solemnized in the St. Catherine's Chapel
When baptized:  Oct 18th
When born:  August 16th
Child's Christian Name:  Harold Osmond Fitzherbert
Parent's Name:  
Christian -- George Nathaniel & Frederica Surname --Murrell
Mother's Maiden Name:  Inniss
Abode:  Marley Vale
Rank, Occupation or Profession of Father: Painter
Minister Officiating:  H R Barnett

This first copy was dated 9/7/27 which is the…

52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks 2018 Edition: #11 My Lucky Find For Benjamin Ellison

Week 11: Lucky
Do you have an ancestor who was lucky at something? Lucky to be alive? Lucky at cards? Lucky in love? Maybe you have an ancestor with a name that reminds you of luck or fortune. There's always "luck of the Irish." Maybe you have a story of how luck played a role in finding an ancestor. Write about that this week.

A few years back, I was lucky enough to stumble across a letter on written by my 4th great grandfather Benjamin Ellison of Snow Hill, Greene County, NC. The letter I found in a collection called Washington D.C., Ex-Slave Pension Correspondence and Case Files, 1892-1922. Prior to the Civil War, Benjamin had been a slave and the letter I came across mentioned who is owner had been. Before I reshare the letter, here's how I am connected to Benjamin Ellison. 

Source Information: Washington D.C., Ex-Slave Pension Correspondence and Case Files, 1892-1922 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.