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Wordless Wednesday: Train Depot --Beaufort, Carteret, NC

This is one of several postcards that I have that show some of the places where my ancestors lived. The image is of the train depot in Beaufort, Carteret, NC. The postcard reads on the back: Historic North Carolina Collection, Copyright 1900-1939, Archival Edition 1999.

Amanuensis Monday On Tuesday: Probate Record Of Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones --Part two

For those of you who missed part one, here's the link:  The Will And Probate Record of Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones

Image courtesy of North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970  CarteretWills, 1925-1948, Vol. G Image 291 of 348 
Decree Appointing Committee or Trustee Under Chapter 518, Act 1929.
Ex Parte:               }
                             }                    IN THE
In the Matter of     }               CIRCUIT COURT NO. 2
Ula V. Jones         }                      OF
          A Lunatic    }               BALTIMORE CITY


               This cause standing ready for hearing and duly submitted, the proceedings were by the Court read and considered:
               It is Thereupon, this 1st day of September, 1943, Adjudged, Ordered and Decreed that JAMES E JONES and HENRY C JONES be and they are hereby appointed COMMITTEE with full power and authority to care for and manage the property of the said ULA V. JONES and upon proper orde…

Something About Me Saturday: Another Family Getaway --Sackets Harbor

The family and I just returned from a lovely getaway to Sackets Harbor, NY. It's a beautiful little village on Lake Ontario. Located just south of the village, is the Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site which we visited as well. It was a couple of days of lounging on the beach and good eating. To make a long story short, a good time was had by all.
A couple of views from behind our hotel.

On our first evening we ate dinner at our friend Andy Taylor's restaurant, Tin Pan Galley. What wonderful food we had! I had a delicious New York Strip Steak while my husband dined on pan seared sea scallops. We enjoyed live music while we dined outdoors.

My hubby and my daughter.

Our friend Andy is the one standing and playing the guitar.

My son enjoying the music.

My son and I took a walk through the garden behind the restaurant.  What a lovely place. It is somewhere truly magical.

A statue in the garden.

A goof ball in the garden.

I think my son's goofiness was a bit contagi…

Tombstone Tuesday: Freddie Harrison

I was inspired today by a post by fellow researcher and blogger, Jana Last. In Tombstone Tuesday: - Christopher Iverson, she wrote about how a photo request of hers was fulfilled by a lovely Find A Grave volunteer and as a result, she now has a photograph of the grave of her paternal great grandfather. Well, after I checked out her post, it made me think for a second, "Hmm...when was the last time I was on Find A Grave." Then I thought, "it's been a while hasn't it?" I should go take a look and see what I find.

Well, today was a good day. Although I didn't have an outstanding photo request, I did find that a volunteer had kindly photographed the grave of my maternal grand uncle Freddie Harrison.

Image courtesy of Find A Grave: Added by: John Robertshaw on 5/8/13 Here's the link to his memorial: New Bern National Cemetery, New Bern, NC Stone reads, "Freddie Harrison PFC US Army  W…

Amanuensis Monday: The Will And Probate Record Of Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones

Image of a young Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones
To recap, Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones was my 1st cousin 3x removed, a child of William Henry Jones and Emma Shepard Jones of Morehead City, NC. Oscar's father, William, was a brother to my 2nd great grandfather Alexander Hamilton Jones.  If you missed any of my prior posts about Oscar, here are the links:
Sunday's Obituary: Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones There Was A Need Sunday's Obituary: Another Obituary Reveals Clues.
This recent find is courtesy of The probate record is a bit long so I have decided to break it up and feature it over the next couple of Amanuensis Mondays.
Image courtesy of  North Carolina, Probate Records,  1735-1970 CarteretWills, 1925-1948, Vol. G Image 290 
Last Will And Testament Of Oscar D. Jones
     Know All Men By These Presents:  That I, Oscar D. Jones of Baltimore City, in the State of Maryland, being of sound mind, disposing memory and understanding knowing the uncertainties of this life and …

Something About Me Saturday: Another Summer Getaway --Watkins Glen

Thank you dear hubby for taking time off of work so we could take another mini-vacation. This time we overnighted at Watkins Glen, NY, a beautiful village at the southern tip of Seneca Lake.

A view of Seneca Lake from our hotel room.

A closer view of the harbor.

My son at dinner. What a great smile.

Happy husband.

Hmm...What shall I do with this straw?

I know. I'll make a funny face. :)

Follow the leader.

A view from the end of the pier.

The day getting sleepy.

Wordless Wednesday: My Mom And Her Dad

My Mom and her dad, Lemuel Harrison. I think this was Christmas 1981 or 1982 at Grandpa's house.

Military Monday: World War I and II Draft Registration Cards For James Edward Jones

In my last post, Sunday's Obituary: Another Obituary Reveals Clues, I presented how I had discovered another child of my 2nd great grand uncle, William Henry Jones. This child was also a brother to Oscar Dunn Jones. I didn't know of James Edward Jones's existence until I saw his name mentioned in his brother Oscar's obituary. Happily, I found on his World War I and II draft registration cards.
Source Citation: Registration State: North Carolina; Registration County: Carteret; Roll: 1765626. Source Information: U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005
Now I have a date of birth for James Jones, Jan. 8th, 1895.  I like draft registration cards because they give you a little snap shot in time of the lives our ancestors. In 1917, he was doing hotel work at a place called Gray's Armory in Richmond, VA. He was single and was claiming exemption because he was supp…

Sunday's Obituary: Another Obituary Reveals Clues.

Okay this is a case of  "Ooops, my bad."  I mentioned in my last post, Reveling In This Moment, how I connected with a Jones family cousin a little more than a year ago and that she shared with me several images.  One of those pictures was a newspaper obituary. Upon receipt, I glanced at it and accessed that it was pretty much the same obituary that I already had, which I featured in my post, Sunday's Obituary: Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones.  Well, my bad, it wasn't. I looked at it again this past week and read it thoroughly this time. 

This obituary gave a bit more detail on the circumstances surrounding Oscar's death. Unfortunately, I don't know what paper it came from. Now I took liberties to fill in information that had been cut off if I was able to figure out the gist of what a sentence was saying.

Dr. O. D Jones Dies in N.C.

Dr. O. D. Jones, a practicing dentist in Baltimore for thirty years, died Wednesday at 11 p.m. at the home of his brother T. M. Jones, in Ral…

Reveling In This Moment

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Images
I feel like I am on a roll with my Jones family line lately. I know if you are into genealogy and are reading this right now that you can probably relate to what I am about to describe. You know how this whole thing is like a giant jig saw puzzle. You get different pieces to the puzzle at different times in your life. Some go together right away. Other pieces kind of remain scattered to the side waiting.  They are waiting for additional information. Some important clue so you can finally say "A-ha! That's where this piece goes!"  The connection becomes clear and you fit the piece into it's proper place. 

About a year ago, I connected with a Jones family cousin. I believe it was through  Anyway we started to correspond via email and even spoke on the phone. She sent me pictures of her grandparents and of several other relatives. I enjoyed the pictures she had sent but I didn't see at the time how they truly fit…