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Pink Invitational 2020

Here's pictures of our beautiful girl back from injury. In the fall, she broke a bone in her left foot which took a long time to heal. These are pictures from her second competition of the season, Pink Invitational 2020. She's getting stronger every week. I loved watching her compete and hanging out with her teammates. They are so supportive of one another. No medals this time for her but she gained a bunch of her confidence back.  She competed late on Saturday February 22, 2020 so that involved an overnight stay in Philadelphia. I don't like driving long distances at night especially if I'm tired. The following day we spent time sightseeing and checking out a Blick art supply store that was near our hotel. OMG! If you love doing art, then you love Blick! We could have spent the whole day there, trying out different art supplies, but we had to make that drive back home.  Bob and his squirrel assistant are looking at me like, "Who the