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Wordless Wednesday: Harrison Family Memory Board

Here's my latest memory board. If you missed seeing my first two, here are the links to them:
The Book Of Me: Prompt 23 --Memory Board
Another Memory Board --Murrell Family

(Left to right -Top row:  My 2nd great grandfather Thomas Duke Harrison, my mother and my brother, my cousin Nicole and uncle Ricky, my grand uncle Earl Harrison, my mom with her dad Lemuel Harrison. Seconnd row:  My cousin Billy and his father/grand uncle William Arthur Harrison Sr., my grandpa Lemuel Harrison with his sister/my grand aunt Carrie, my great grandparents John and Carrie Harrison, my brother, my mom. Third row:  My grand uncle Robert, my grand uncle Freddie Harrison, my cousin Audrey Harrison, my cousin Kiira and me, my uncle Vincent Harrison, grandpa and me. Fourth row:  Grandma Vadnie and grandpa Lemuel, grand aunt Carrie again, my cousin Jordan, my uncle Bobby, and my aunt Wanda.)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Just like that...She's 10

Yup, this sassy lady turned 10.

And yes, she dressed up as a Narwhal
A very cool Narwhal.

Happy Birthday, Ladybug!

Wordless Wednesday: Binghamton Fall Open 1

Yup, that's me fencing foil this past Saturday at Binghamton University. This was my first competition since my knee surgery back in June. Good news...the knee is still attached. Even better news... I placed 5th out of 14 in mixed foil. For me at my age, that's not too shabby :) 

Henry or Murphy? Or Both?

It's been a while...blah blah blah. Life has been busy, blah blah blah. Sorry I've been away blah blah blah. I'm a taxi mom blah blah blah.

Okay good. So we've got that all out the way now so I can get down to what's on my mind.

Last night, I had time to think.

Who knew that would be a luxury item.

Time to think.

Well these days it is. So back to it. I had time to think and I had a potential Aha moment. Of course we'll have to see if this does eventually pan out but I am happy to say that there are still brain cells in my head that are functioning and that are excited to be doing just that.

This is what I was thinking about.  Yes that darn nemesis of mine. Ella!!! (Said like Stella a la Streetcar Named Desire.)

If you are new to my blog then I will mention that Ella Kerr Smith Dixon, my paternal great grandmother has a tendency to keep me up late at night.

What if Ella's mom was a Henry and not a Murphy? Or what if she was both?

Right now you are saying to yourselve…

Last Trip of The Summer: Robert H Treman Park --Part Two

If you missed Part One, here's the link:  Last Trip of The Summer: Robert H Treman State Park --Part One 

Last Trip of The Summer: Robert H Treman State Park --Part One

These pictures are from almost two weeks ago. It's funny how fast a summer goes by. I just finished packing my kids back packs for tomorrow. First day of school is almost upon them. 7th grade for one and 5th for the other. No more little ones in this house. Well before school begins, here's a look back at a wonderful day in the sun.

Genealogy Blog Potluck Picnic: Creating A Family Tree To Test A Theory

Wow! Has it been a year already since the last Genealogy Blog Potluck Picnic?! Time flies. Last year, Elizabeth O'Neal of My Descendants Ancestors blog hosted the first potluck picnic on her blog. If you missed it, click here.  This year she is back again as our wonderful host to the festivities. It's not too late to join in. You can check out the details for this year's event here

When you are invited to a potluck event, you are asked to bring a dish. A Genealogy Blog Potluck Picnic is no different. The theme put forth by Elizabeth O'Neal is this:


This is a broad topic that can cover just about anything genealogy-related. The only requirement is that you explain how you did it.

Well what I'm bringing to this year's potluck is this. How I created an on-line tree to test a theory I had. 

My theory involved a man by the name of Carolina Jones. He's someone who I stumbled across while doing research on my 2nd great grand uncle Carolina …

The Piano Playing Gene Lives On!

Way back in June 2011, I featured my great grandmother Ophelia Bryant's obituary on this blog. Something happened recently that made me want to revisit it.

She was for many years the organist of St. Stephen church....

My daughter's so excited to have started started piano lessons. It seems as if now whenever I pass by her bedroom, I catch a glimpse of ladybug practicing on her keyboard. She's continuing in the tradition of many of the women from my mom's side of the family. The piano was the instrument to learn how to play. In general, I wasn't a rebellious child but for some reason I chose not to learn how to play. My mother plays and has a keyboard in her home. Her mother, Mary Bryant Harrison Horton, played the piano. In fact, she had a piano in her living room and an organ. My grandmother Mary and her sisters learned how to play the piano thanks to their mother, Ophelia.  My 2nd great grandmother Jonas Bryant had a piano. I learned about that when I found her pro…