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Another Memory Board --Murrell Family

On my post, The Book Of Me: Prompt 23 --Memory Board, I shared my first virtual memory board that featured my ancestors with ties to Morehead City, NC.  Last night while watching TV with the family I made this one which channels my Murrell family line.
(Left to right  -Top row:  Me and my paternal grandmother, Ethel Smith Murrell, My dad's sister Janice Murrell and my dad, pair of cats that used to sit on the fireplace mantle at my grandparents house, my grandma again with my brother. 2nd row:  My brother and my paternal grandpa, Harold Murrell, aunt Janice and my dad, my grandparents on their wedding day, them again a bit older, Janice and dad again. Bottom row:  Harold Murrell with his brother Rupert Murrell, Me, my dad and my brother sitting together at our house in Cambria Heights, My grandpa Harold with aunt Janice as a baby, grandpa again dressed in a suit, father and son (grandpa and dad), grandma Ethel and me as a baby.)
What do you think? Not bad right? I like this having …

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 Edition: #7 Valentine --Ethel & Harold

If you are not familiar with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Blog Prompt Series hosted by fellow blogger Amy Johnson Crow, please take a moment and check out the link here:

First of all, I have to say whoops!  I know this post is late and also out of order in the 52 weeks series. I noticed I forgot the prompt for week 7 after I had written my post for week 8. I'll get it together at some point here, so please bear with me. 

Week 7: Valentine

Is there a love story in your family tree? Maybe a couple was married on Valentine's Day or you have a valentine that one ancestor gave to another. Maybe you have an ancestor named Valentine.

I wanted to shine a light on my father's parents for this prompt. I have been going through a ton of pictures that I recently inherited from my father. Here are a few of from a vacation that Ethel Smith Murrell and Harold Murrell Sr. went on in 1971. I am not sure of the location. It could be Barba…

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 Edition: #8 Heirloom -- Grandma Mary Horton's China

If you are not familiar with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Blog Prompt Series hosted by fellow blogger Amy Johnson Crow, please take a moment and check out the link here:

Week 8: Heirloom Is there a special item that's been passed down in your family?
Pictured above are pieces from a set of china I received upon my grandmother Mary Bryant Harrison Horton's passing.
I love this set! It is decorated with beautiful pink carnations and gold trim. If I am having a family gathering, I try to use this set. It's a way for us to share the occasion with my sweet grandma. 
Another heirloom I treasure that once stood atop the piano at grandma Mary's house is a statue of two hands holding a dove. I featured a picture of it on this blog before in this post, Sentimental Sunday: These Artifacts Are My Time Machines. In the same post, I also wrote about two cat figurines that used to belong to my grandmother Ethel Smith Murrell .

Genealogy Blog Party --Stories of Love: Ethel Was Sweet On Harold

If you are not familiar with the Genealogy Blog Party hosted by Elizabeth O'Neal on her blog My Descendant's Ancestors, be sure to check it here.

This month's theme: TELL A STORY OF LOVE

I believe this picture fits the bill.

Here's a picture of my paternal grandfather Harold Murrell Sr. looking particularly dapper. It's from a collection of photos I recently inherited from my father. 

I think the the story of love you will find on the back.

Gee,  It's grand to be loved by a person like Harold. He's my weakness and I  am not ashamed to confess  that I am madly in love with him.

My grandmother Ethel Smith Murrell was the author of these words. I believe this picture was taken when my grandparents were courting.  Now, how sweet is that! 
You can read more about my paternal grandparents Harold and Ethel Murrell here.

The Book of Me 2018 Editon: What Do You Dislike?

For more information about The Book Of Me, Written By You project created by Julie Goucher of the Anglers Rest blog, please clickhere.

I dislike it when folks give up on themselves. When they give up on trying to learn new things. I think it is our duty to keep pushing ourselves for as long as we can in life. It's never to late to learn something new. The brain is a muscle too. If you don't exercise it, it will go soft.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.

All I can say is that I've been going through some pictures. So many pictures. I've inherited pictures from dad and his parents and I have to say it's been beautiful going down memory lane. Some of the images I'd never seen before, so of course that's spawned questions. For the most part, though it has made me happy to travel back in time to my grandparents house. The pictures are bit mixed up so I'm just going to scan some and then post them here. 

This first batch of pictures is of my brother's first Christmas.

Dad and my brother David
David and Mom

Happy Grandma and David

Three generations of Murrell men.

52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks 2018 Edition: #6 Favorite Name --Frederica Augusta

If you are not familiar with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Blog Prompt Series hosted by fellow blogger Amy Johnson Crow, please take a moment and check out the link here:

Week 6 Prompt: 
Favorite name could be a name of an ancestor that makes you smile. Perhaps it's an unusual name. 

According to Wikipedia, the name Frederica is the feminine form of the name Frederick with it's meaning being "peaceful ruler." 

After looking at the website Babyname wizard, I learned that the name Augusta comes from Latin and is the feminine form of the name Augustus. It's meaning is great or venerable.
That's a pretty good combination if I ever heard one. 
My paternal great grandmother's name was Frederica Augusta Inniss Murrell
I decided to go a step further to check into the meaning of the surnames Inniss and Murrell.
The meanings for these surnames I found on the website House of Names.
Inniss:  Inniss is an ancient Anglo-S…

Dad's 1st Grade Class

Will you take a look at this bright eyed young man. 

My Dad.
Can you say adorable! 
PS 124 Class 1-7 Bronx, NY

I've started scanning a ton of pictures that were my dad's. It's strange saying "were." It's part of the new normal I guess.Well anyway, here's one of Harold E. Murrell's first grade class. He went to PS 124 in the Bronx. Here it is on Google Maps.
Image courtesy of Google Maps.
At the time, my dad was living at 970 Tinton Ave in the Bronx. You can see from the map that the school was just a couple of blocks away from his home.