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52 Ancestors: #11 --Annie Taylor Mitchell --The Heart Of A Family

Nine times out of ten, it is the mother’s touch that makes a house a home. From tending to scraped knees, handling the wash, or cooking the meals, the way in which this is done will set the tone, the rhythm, and the spirit of the household. If done wrong, it can bring about a lifetime of pain and wounded spirits. If done well, it’s influence will spread to generations. 
Annie…yes my Annie Taylor Mitchell, somewhere in my heart I know it was you with your kind spirit that set the tone, rhythm, and spirit of your family’s lives.  Although, you've been gone oh so many years, I can still hear the words of encouragement you whispered to your children. Your hopes are now part of our hopes and dreams for something better. Thank you seems too modest of a word to cast out to try to convey the depth of gratitude I feel in my heart for you. Your kindness and wisdom are part of my spirit now. I never met you, but I know you. I feel you. 

According to her tombstone, my maternal 3rd great grandmo…

Cape Cod 2017


The Genealogy Blog Party --Remember The Descendants: Passing Down The Stories.

It's genealogy blog party time again! Elizabeth O'Neal of the My Descendants Ancestorsblog is back hosting and has provided this month's theme. If you aren't familiar with the blog party, please take time out to visit Elizabeth's blog for more information. 

This month's question is:

How Will You Preserve Your Family History Research For Your Descendants?

There's been a few things that I've been doing to preserve my research. I realized early on that I would have to turn all these bits of birth records, censuses, and various other records into something my descendants could relate to. Also, I had the oral history that was passed down to me from various relatives. Lastly, I wanted to record the excitement of discovery. You know that moment when you catch yourself gasping out loud because you found something out for the first time. All this had to be transformed into stories. The point of view of course was mine. 

So with all that in mind I started blogging. I…

Another DNA Cousin Connection! Woohoo! This Time Through My Paternal Line

Which strand of DNA will lead me to you?

That's one of the questions that enters my mind as I review through my DNA connections on the various platforms I've tested with. Which strand of DNA is the one that connects us? A thread that links the past to the present.I find it all so mysterious and fascinating at the same time. 
Good news! I have two new DNA cousins and this time they are on my father's side of the family. In fact, these recent connections have finally cleared up the mystery behind the following document. 
Image courtesy of New York City Department of Records/Municipal Archives.
Marriage Certificate for Ollando Dix and Edna Smith
A couple of years ago, I wrote to the New York City Department of Records Municipal Archives to obtain a copy of my great grandmother Ella's marriage certificate. If you are new to my blog you can read more about that here. I also sent off for a copy of my paternal grandparents's marriage record. Their names were Ethel Smith and H…

More Vacation Pictures: The Florida Aquarium

It's kind of funny that I'm posting pictures from our last family vacation while on our current vacation. Let's just say it's been a bit busy the last couple of months between school concerts, soccer games, gymnastics competitions, and oh yeah, I had knee surgery three weeks ago. It's nice to finally have time to slow down and take in these precious moments with the family. These pictures were from our trip to Florida back in April. We visited the The Florida Aquarium in Tampa and really enjoyed it. 

Mortimer Mitchell's Neighbor Vine Allen Tolson --Part Two

If you missed my last post, you'll want to start there. Here's the link:  Mortimer Mitchell's Neighbor Vine Allen Tolson --Part One
Newbern Journal of Commerce,  23 Feb 1869, Tue,  Page 1
You can see from this newspaper post Vine Allen Tolson was not able to make payment on money owed to Alexander Mitchell and his son Thomas. This must have been an extremely stressful time for Tolson family. Vine's own words from the trust deed most accurately describe the dire circumstances he found himself in . 
"if the said sale should take place I will be entirely delivered of the only means whereby I can reasonably expect to raise sufficient money where with to support my family and pay my debts"

Did Vine Allen Tolson get his land back? That will be in my next post. 

Mortimer Mitchell's Neighbor Vine Allen Tolson --Part One

Part of researching your ancestors involves researching their neighbors. I've been working on building family trees in the last couples of weeks for neighbors of my 3rd great Mortimer Mitchell. One of the reasons why I am doing this is to see if I can identify any families who originated from Martin County, NC. Martin County, NC is where I believe my 3rd great grandfather was born. Perhaps he migrated with one of these family lines to Craven County. The other reason why I've been researching my 3rd great grandfather's neighbors is to figure out what connection they might have had with a man named Alexander Mitchell of New Bern. For a long time now I've been working on the theory that Mortimer Mitchell was likely the slave of this wealthy landowner. 

I began with  Mortimer Mitchell's neighbor Vine Allen Tolson.

Images from the book "The Heritage of Craven County, North Carolina, Volume 1" Page 318 Barbara Maxine Howard Thorne

Vine Allen Tolson was born 1812 …