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His Name was Carolina Hauckins -- Part One

My last post was one that I had started a few weeks ago, but just got around to finishing last week. In it I mentioned how I came across a man named Carline Hauckins when I did a review on what I knew about my 3rd great grandfather Cesar Jones. If you missed that post click here.  I ordered Carline's Civil War Pension file to see if in fact we were related.  I wasn't going to rely on just what was on Carline's death certificate. Yes, it did list a Cesar Jones and Mary Jones of Morehead City, NC as his parents. Were these my Cesar and Mary?

Well, Christmas came early this year because guess what came in the mail. You guessed it, the pension file. Did I get answers? Yes. Will I share them? Yes. First, I have to clear one thing up in particular.

His name was Carolina Hauckins. Previously, I referred to him as Carline and that was incorrect. So from this point on, Carolina is how I will refer to him.

Here's a look at how Carolina's potentially connected to me. (Click on t…

I Am Loving Painting Right Now!

One of my more recent paintings
I know last week I had said was going to finally get around to posting pictures from our Cape Cod trip we took back in June. I thought I should let you in on a little secret first. It's part of the reason why I've been posting less to my blog. 
I am absolutely loving painting right now! Gosh, it's such a release of creative energy and it relaxes me. I feel like I finally have found the thing I had been missing in my life. 
About five years ago when I was going through a little dark period, I fell in love with the work of the artist Kelly Rae Roberts. She had these little inspirational sayings on her paintings of ladies that just spoke to me. I added a few of her prints to my house, making the point of reading the words on them daily. Those little messages were like vitamins for my spirit. I've been a follower of her blog and newsletter since then. When I learned in August that she was going to begin hosting monthly art dates, a voice in my…

First Day of School 2019

This smiling giant is now in the 9th grade.  This is what 14 looks like. 
I have to measure him but I believe he's about 6' 1" now.
This young lady is now in 7th grade. She added swimming and  diving practice into her already busy schedule.
If anyone can handle it, I know she can. 

Robert Eugene Harrison

Rest In Peace  Uncle Bobby. See you on the other side.

It's Been A While...

Well, It's been a while since I've written. Some of you out there might have been wondering is she ever coming back. The answer is yes.

I've decided that my blogging journey will be perhaps a bit different now. I still love researching about my family and I still love making new discoveries and connecting with cousins. That I will continue doing. I just feel that I have to be the one driving this blog and the blog not driving me. There's a whole world out there that I've been exploring since I have taken time away from the computer and you know what, I've been enjoying myself.

I've been doing a bit more painting in my spare time. When I paint, it's meditation time for me. I love the process of getting quiet and focused and just letting things out on paper or on canvas. It's a great way to relax. 

As a family, we did less travel this summer. We did visit Cape Cod at the end of June. I realize now I don't think I posted any pictures from that trip, s…

Happy Birthday In Heaven, Dad!

Although you aren't here physically, I can definitely feel your presence, dad. You would be pleased to know that your grandson is a chip off the old block. He's built like you when you were young. He has broad shoulders and muscle. Even mom commented on how Noah has your calves. He's about six feet tall now. You would be pleased to know that your watch fits him perfectly now. 

Happy Birthday In Heaven, Dad! Miss you.

Happy Father's Day In Heaven, Dad!

Happy Father's Day In Heaven, Dad! Love you.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my lovely husband and to all the wonderful dads out there. Make some memories today :)