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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  Have fun, laugh a lot and make great memories  with your loved ones.  P.S. I know my blog has been a bit genealogy light lately. I'm going to try to get back on the research train in the new year. 

World Class Invitational 2018

Results: Bars:  8.850 --7th place Vault:  8.8 --9th place Beam:  9.0 --3rd place Floor Exercise:  9.6 --1st place All Around:  36.25 --3rd place (New personal best!) I was so happy that I was able to capture a picture of her winning 1st place on floor exercise.  She was beaming! Here's a video of her floor routine. Congratulations to all the Level 3 ladies of STGA as well. They took 2nd place in the team competition. 

The Kids and Their Sports

It's been awhile since I've shared about how the kids are doing in their individual sports. This whole running people around to their respective practices and games is serious business. People call me to make plans and the first thing I have to do is check my phone for my Google calendar to see where and when I have to be somewhere. My washing machine is constantly washing gymnastic leotards and soccer jerseys. I am not complaining. My husband and I are so proud of these amazing young people. Noah with his dad. Number 14 is our big guy. You can see how much he's grown. These pictures are from a tournament that Noah participated in November with his indoor soccer league. They took 2nd place! Nice job, guys! Miss Alyssa has been doing her thing in regards to gymnastics. She just competed in her third meet for the season this past Saturday. For this post, I'm going to share pictures and results from her first two competitions. Tomorrow, if

I Wonder What They Are Talking About Now

Retired Col. Trevathan McCarther, Harold Murrell, and Napoleon Sanders My mother took this picture years and years ago, so I don't have any idea what they were talking about. My godfather, Trevathan McCarther, died unexpectedly on November 24, 2018. He was a true gentleman and friend to those who new him and will be deeply missed. My dad passed away earlier this year and my uncle Nat died in 2014. I imagine now that these three men are enjoying catching up with one another in heaven. Missing you all. See you on the other side.  Retired Col Trevathan McCarther  April 28, 1945--November 24, 2018