I Am So Excited About What I Have Been Working On.

Okay, I have been away from my blog for a few days here for good reason. I started playing around with a program on my computer called Windows Live Movie Maker and Bam! Now I have a new hobby. LOL. I just finished my first family history movie with images of my ancestors on my maternal line; more specifically of my ancestors who came from Morehead City and Riverdale, Craven, NC.  I feel like Ken Burns all of a sudden. Well anyway I am going to tweak the movie over the next couple of days and then let a couple of people in my family view it and see what they think. I will keep you posted.  


  1. I love Windows Live Movie Maker!!! Can't wait to see your family video's.

  2. That's a great tool. I can't wait to see your screen debut!


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