More From My Hester Family Branch

I have to send a huge thank you out to my newly found cousin Amy again for being so gracious to share family stories and pictures with me recently. Just as a recap, our family connection takes us back to Morehead City, NC. Her great grandmother, Sidney Bryant Hester and my great great grandmother, Jonas Bryant were sisters.  You will find a picture of Sidney Bryant Hester, here and Mott Hester Sr., here. Amy grew up in Morehead City, nearby her great grandmother and a host of other family members. Her grandfather, Mott Hester Jr., was a fisherman and unfortunately died before she was born so she did not get to know him, but she knew very well her grandmother Gertrude Rhinehardt Hester. Gertrude Rhinehardt's folks came from Catawba County, NC. According to my cousin, her grandmother was quite good at cooking German cuisine due to this family line being originally owned by people of German descent. Here are the pictures of her grandparents.

Mott Hester Jr.
My 1st cousin 3x removed

Gertrude Rhinehardt Hester

I found it interesting that Gertrude knew how to cook all sorts of German food. When I found this information out, I went right to Google to search for any articles regarding the early settlers of Catawba County, NC and indeed some of the earliest settlers were of German descent. Here's one of the links that I came across when I did that search.,_NC._How_has_life_in_Catawba_County_developed_through_time%3F

More to come from this branch of the family later in the week.


  1. What a blessing to have family that will share with you. Wonderful!!! I bet Gertrude cooked German food real well. Better than most.

    1. Yes it truly is a blessing,Yvette. From what my cousin told me, she was a really good cook.

  2. How cool! I can see a resemblence in Mott's picture! Strong genes! Congrats!

  3. Sharing cousins are wonderful blessings.


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