Okay, Now I Got All This DNA Information...Now What?!

If you missed my last post, you may want to read that one first before preceding further. Here's the link: My MtDNA Results Are Back!

Just so you know, I want to say that I am extremely happy now to have an identification that ties me directly to Africa. Never in my wildest dreams during my childhood would I have thought I would have the opportunity to find out how and where specifically to what people I am connected to back in Africa. With that said, my identity regarding my West African roots is L3e3b. So now what?

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely appreciative of my results.  Every DNA test helps to tell a piece of my story. Right now, my impatient side is looking for the DNA Cliffs Notes that will allow me to cut to the chase and find out who my people are!

This when I smack my impatient side and say...okay slow down. You are so much closer it is ridiculous! Do you know why I say that? The reason is just simply look at the changes that have occurred in my lifetime in regards to technology. We have come so amazingly far in the last ten years regarding DNA technology. How fast things change will just continue to happen exponentially faster. I have to remind my impatient inner child to just slow down and take this moment in. If you think about it, I truly have no right to be impatient. Many of my most recent ancestors spent their lives enslaved, maybe they had the hope that things would be better someday...maybe they didn't. They didn't have the luxury to think beyond their daily chore of survival. So I think I should humbly remain patient.

Why? I will have a knowing that my prior ancestors did not have. From that knowing...oh I can feel it, an amazing power is being built up inside of me. My pride and sense of connection will be almost overwhelming for my spirit to handle, but my spirit will so willingly gobble up that knowledge. There simply has been this thirst for so many generations to just want to know where they come from and it will not be denied. I have no right to be impatient. I have to hold on just a bit longer to quench my thirst.

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