The Book Of Me: Prompt 17 --Toys & Games

If you are not familiar with this wonderful project that was created by Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog, please refer to this link:

This week’s prompt is – Toys & Games
Can you remember your first toy, or game?
Do you still have it?
Who did you play with?
Did you play board games?
Have you inherited any of your family games & toys?
Share some pictures if you would like to!

1) Can you remember your first toy or game?

My very first toy was a Snoopy doll that I received when I was a little baby. Now this original doll, I don't know what happened to it. I'll have to check in with my mom about that. I have a feeling it may have suffered the fate of many a well loved doll, with torn off appendages and various stains who's final resting place may have been the garbage can. The good news is that I received another one at some point and that Snoopy doll I had with me for most of my childhood. I loved that thing so much. In fact, I loved stuffed animals period. I had a whole family of them that I would cook for, dress, and clean up after. On weekends I would host weddings. Usually, it would be the same wedding. I would marry off Snoopy to my absolute favorite stuffed animal of my youth, Helen the Hippopotamus.  They would marry and have two kids, a boy and a girl and live happily ever after.

Me and my stuffed animals.
This picture shows Helen the Hippopotamus and the second Snoopy doll I had and their two children. 

2) Do you still have it?

No sadly, Snoopy has gone on to that great toy heap in the sky. 

3) Who did you play with?

I often played with my brother when we were growing up. I am sure this must have been hard on him at times since there's a six year age gap between us. I am sure he at times may have been wanting to do other things.

4) Did you play board games?

Oh we played some board games! My brother and I were and still are super competitive so we were all about the board games. Our two favorites were Monopoly and The Game of Life and with The Game of Life, I am talking about the pre--1991 version of the game. After that year they added "Life" tiles, changed some of the rules and changed the way the money looked.  It just isn't the same experience playing the newer version. I bought on Ebay last year the version of the game that I used to play as a child and now I play it with my kids. 

5) Have you inherited any of your family games and toys? 

No. At least I don't recall inheriting any.

The"Life" game I purchased off of Ebay that my family and I play.


  1. We used to play a lot of board games, especially around Christmas when we would get new ones. The rest of the year it would be monopoly or chess.

    1. That's when we would get new games Christmas. My brother and I got a little bit into chess when we were older but he would always kick my butt :)

  2. I still have my Raggedy Ann and I made sure I saved a lot of my kids things. I have few. This was sweet.

    1. Thanks True. I used to have a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll too. Gosh wish I still had those. Bet they are worth a little money now.

  3. Not my first toy, but I had a Snoopy, too.


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