Chasing Jacobs --Part Two: So Many Pieces To The Puzzle

Chasing Jacobs --Part Two --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

Well, you could say that this has turned into a project (smile.)  Hey, what can I say. I like to keep busy.

First, if you missed Part One, here's the link to that post:  Chasing Jacobs --Part One.

In Part One, I spoke of my theory that perhaps, my paternal 3rd great grandfather Jacob Kerr's father was named Jacob as well. I highlighted a Jacob Bronson who could possibly have been some sort of relation to my Jacob Kerr. Well, this kind of opened a can of worms. 

After looking through the estate files of a few of the family's associated with this Jacob Bronson I noticed some naming trends. Then I thought perhaps the best way to get a handle on the situation would be to set up a work in progress family tree. This way I could start to see where these names and families all intersect. Pretty soon I was doing all sorts of lookups on death certificates and censuses. Yadayada and now I have created a new pile of paperwork. (Smile)

Anywho, I feel better. You know why?  This is part of the magic of the process. You start to see links. Names start to become more familiar. You get a better sense of the people, the time, and the place. Perhaps a little part of me gets to time travel back and for the briefest of moments I am there and then quickly I am flung back to the now. 

Besides Jacob Bronson, I am now looking at another individual who's been referred to as Jube/Jules/Jude/Jacob Bronson.  I am going to refer to him as "Jude" for now. He's approximately 20 years younger than the Jacob I previously wrote about and he had a wife named Mary Eliza. I've found a couple of cases where the descendants of Jacob married descendants of Jude. My guts telling me there is some sort of connection between these folks, I just don't have the evidence yet to spell it out. Things will come to light as long as I keep doing the research and remain patient. 

I am hopeful.

However, I am taking a break from all this because the family and I are gathered together watching a basketball game, Syracuse vs. North Carolina. Tonight is for the living. 

Chasing Jacobs --Part Two:  So Many Pieces To The Puzzle --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

Well, three of us are watching the game. The little lady on the floor is watching a video on her iPad and sorting beads for a craft project.

I'll get back to chasing Jacobs tomorrow. 


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