The Book Of Me 2018 Edition: Prompt 2 --What Do You Look Like?

The Book Of Me 2018 Edition:  What Do You Look Like? --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

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So as I write this first paragraph here, I want to let you guys know that it is 9:16 pm. I was going to take a selfie and then I thought better of myself and decided to hold off until morning. Let's face it. I'm 45 and I know that means that I need lighting. Good natural lighting that is. I also, need a face that has had a good night's rest and a bit of make up. Definitely make up. Am I vain. No. Well maybe just a little. What I do know is that I am middle aged. Nowadays, I need some help to make things look like how I think I look in in my head. So I'm going to put this post on pause, until morning...

Okay this is me with good lighting, a full night's sleep, and a little make-up. Oh yeah, maybe a little soft focus on the camera and some minor retouch. You also have to know what's your best camera angle. 

You can check out what I wrote for a similar prompt back in 2013 here: The Book Of Me: Prompt 3 --Describe Your Physical Self


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