The Book Of Me: Prompt 3 --Describe Your Physical Self

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Prompt 3:  Describe your physical self.

Your size – clothes size:  Size: 14 

Height: 5'6" 

I am a curvy girl. There is more of me to love now but for moment I am okay with that. In regards to wardrobe, I look for things that are comfortable and easy to pull together. I don't like ironing so I generally look for fabrics that don't wrinkle. My go to dress is the Maxi-dress. I am lucky because my husband owns a store and he carries a number of beautiful flowy dresses that have become the core of my wardrobe. They look great but feel as comfortable as a night gown. This is when I realize that I am definitely the granddaughter of Mary Horton. My maternal grandma in her later years was known to rock out a house dress or two. Her favorite one was a royal blue number that was pretty and extremely comfortable. My love of the Maxi-dress (the modern day house dress, Shh! it's my little secret) I attribute to her.

Grandma rocking out her blue house dress.

Scars:  I have had 2 C-sections and a hernia repair with abdominoplasty so yes I have scars! LOL!
Eye colour: Dark brown
Draw your hands:  I am not very good at drawing so I have decided to include a photo of them at the end of this post.
Finger Prints:  I am going to decline on this one.

On the left, a picture of my parents and my brother
 and then on the right there's my current profile picture.

I thought it would be good to show a side by side comparison of features with my parents. For most of my life, I have been told that I favor my father and that my brother takes more after my mother. I think I definitely have my father's eyes which he inherited from his father. Looks like I have his forehead and general shape of the face too.  I have my mother's complexion. I think my resemblance to my mother comes out more when we are in the same room together talking. We have some of the same mannerisms and our voices are very similar.

My natural hair color is a dark brown and the texture is thin and has a very tight curl pattern. God bless my mother for taking care of me and my hair when I was little. Whoo! She would put in a workout each week washing, detangling, parting, and then braiding my hair. I used to have about 30-40 braid in my hair at one time and would have those little Goody hair barrettes on the ends. She would take two larger ones and use them to hold the braids back off my face.

Here's what I looked like before my hair was done.

This is what I would look like afterwards.

I couldn't wait for the day for when I could get my hair relaxed and I could could wear my hair out in cute style. I think I was 13 when I got it done for the first time and I was thrilled but then the thrill quickly faded away. Over the next year, my hair gradually broke off and I was forced to get it cut short. So there I was after all these years of being told how beautiful my hair was to having only a few inches on my head. It was to say the least a bit unsettling to my spirit. So from junior high until midway through my sophomore year of college I wore my hair short. That's when I learned about box braid hair extensions.  I wore my hair like that for years until I think it was some point in 2011 that I decided to wear my own hair out. It looked cute when I did a twist out or wore a head band in it but I missed having hair around my head. So I went back to braids and then this past December I started doing Havana twists and that's been it ever since.

December 2012

I know I spent a lot of time talking about my hair but I wanted to make sure my future descendants knew the true story about how Sally's Beauty Supply stays in business.

My hands

Yes, I have a thing for shades of blue or green nail polish.  I think it is some sort of rebellion against the rules from my childhood. When I was finally allowed to wear nail polish, my choices were clear, pearl or light pink.


  1. Too bad about the hair break off. I like the idea of the maxi dresses. I'm getting ready to make some long dresses myself.

    1. It's so funny, when I first had my kids I relied on yoga pants and t-shirts. Then I saw the dresses in my husband shop and I said...that looks mad comfortable. Plus it only takes like one second to get dressed. Yeah, it was too bad about the hair. Oh well. My own is now able to grow better under the Havana twists so maybe when I feel it is long enough, I will wear my own. We'll see.

  2. I love the bit about Sally's beauty supply.

    Great piece.

  3. You are beautiful, and so was your house-dress rockin ' grandma. She looks like Debbie Allen.

    1. You know what, in that picture she does look a bit like Debbie Allen. Thanks for your compliments and for stopping by!


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