Sentimental Sunday: My Brother's Kindergarten Graduation

Today was my brother's birthday and so in his honor I thought it would be nice to highlight him in pictures. These are photos from my brother's kindergarten graduation from June 1972. He looks so adorable here. It must have been truly special for my Grandpa Lemuel that day because he was celebrating the graduation of his youngest child from kindergarten as well as his grandson's.

Yeah, I look good.

My parents and my brother David.

 Grandpa Lemuel Harrison (my mother's father), Grandma Ethel Murrell (my father's mother),
 and the graduate.

The graduates --my brother and his aunt Wanda.

My dad, his mom and David.

My aunt Janice (my father's sister) with my brother.

What a handsome young man!

Mom, my brother and me. What? You can't see me? I'm there. Safely in my mom's belly :)


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