Who's That Confident Lady?

Can I tell you that I am just loving watching my little lady's personality come out. Over the years she has tended to be a bit shy around new folks. Once she gets to know you she let's it all hang out and is absolutely hysterical. Her sense of humor makes me smile. She's got spunk and she's just beginning to really own it. I caught these pictures of her when we were on vacation in Siesta Key, Florida the week before Easter.

My little lady doing a cute dance.

Then she does her "model walk."

Excuse me, mom.

Need my goggles.


  1. She growing up so beautifully! I think there is nothing I enjoy more about parenting that watching my children become more and more who they are. Lovely photos of a lovely young lady.

    1. So perfectly stated. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping over. Sending you a hug.


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