My Blog Misses Me And I Miss It

My Blog Misses Me And I Miss It --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

My poor lonely blog.  So sorry I have been away and not paying you proper attention. I know you miss me. This will change very soon. I miss writing and I miss doing research. I have to get things back into balance again.

To my followers, if you've been wondering why you haven't seen many new posts, these are some of the reasons why.

My Blog Misses Me And I Miss It --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

1) This is my new occupation. I am a taxi mom. I shuttle children back and forth to sports practices, games, and different school events. I am not complaining. Really, I'm not. This is just the way it is when you have kids who are active and have special interests.

My Blog Misses Me And I Miss It --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

2) Fencing! Fencing! Fencing!

This is the logo for the fencing club I am a member of. It was designed by my friend and fellow fencer Rosaleen Marion. Pretty cool, right?! If you are a newer reader of my blog, then you might not be aware that I do fencing to stay fit. I fenced in college for 4 years and then life happened. I am so grateful that after a long hiatus from the sport, that I finally found my way back to it in June 2015. In case you missed these, here are the links to my posts regarding fencing:

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So guess who happens to be heading up the club now? Umm that be me. Yeah, not quite sure how all that happened. Well that's not true. I do know how it happened. I showed up to a meeting with a notebook in hand and yada yada yada, here I am. LOL. The task seemed a bit intimidating at first. Thankfully, our more experienced club members stepped up to help with practices in regards to drills and conditioning. I mean I've only been back doing this sport two years come June. 

So far so good with how things are going. The only negative is that my body has a few more creaks and cracks now. I had a physical last week where I told my doctor that my left knee had a tendancy to swell a little and get stiff after practicing. He ordered an X-ray and it looks like Uncle Arthur has decided to pay me a visit. As my best friend would say, "The body ain't like it used to was." 

3)Speaking of that friend, she had knee surgery in January so she needed some help running errands and getting to physical therapy. She's my sister from another mother so I was glad be of some assistance to her. Thankfully, she's doing better now and is on the road to recovery. 

My Blog Misses Me And I Miss It --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

4) My daughter participated in her school's 4th Grade Science Fair  It wasn't a requirement, just something she wanted to do. She found a recipe for making magnetic slime online. She came up with an idea for an experiment testing the stretchiness of the slime with a magnet and away she went. Well, with my help of course. Here's the final result. 

My Blog Misses Me And I Miss It --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

5) One weekend, we took a trip to Kalahari Resort and Waterpark in the Poconos and had a blast. I still haven't gotten around to posting the pictures for that trip. There's another thing for my to do list.

Anyway, you get the point that it's been a little busy this way. Still, I miss my blog so I am going to have to make some changes in my schedule to allow me time to work on it. 


  1. Life sounds wonderful and exciting. Enjoy it without guilt. We will be here whenever you return. I used to love science fair season!

    1. Thanks for the reminder of enjoying time away from my blog without guilt. I've been beating myself up a bit about it. Life is just busy sometimes.

  2. You've made up for lost time with about 5 posts in one right here! Good to see you. Take care of that knee!

    1. I have been following up with my doctor about it. Actually have an MRI scheduled doc believes might be a small tear in my lateral meniscus but not sure. We'll see what happens.

  3. Most of your readers know where you are, Mommy University. When you get a break, check in but don't worry, we are here.


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