Something About Me Saturday: I Went To A Fencing Class This Week

Well, I decided it was about time that I do something about my activity level. Blogging and researching aren't exactly what you call aerobic exercises. I recognize that I am getting older and although I have made changes with improving my diet, exercise is something I have to really get back into the groove of. So I attended a fencing class this past week. It was the first time I fenced in about 14 years. I've written about my fencing days here on this blog before. You can check out my post, Looking Back While Looking Forward.

Boy, did I feel it in my legs! A critical part of fencing practice is doing foot work. 

This video will give you an idea of some of the movements I was practicing.

The neat thing I found was that my stance was still pretty good. I am not a fan of jogging but I know I have to get back to it. I found myself getting winded during practice so I know jogging will definitely help with building my stamina back up. The cool thing was that I had fun.

So here's to me getting fit again. It's time, I can feel it.
No more excuses.


  1. Happy you are getting fit! Research and blogging are the opposite of getting fit, although they keep us mentally alert. I recently started doing the same. Easier at your age, just don't back slide. So hard to catch back up as I approach 70 in a few years.

    1. It feels good to move the body again. Research is exercise for the brain. So my brain has been getting an awesome workout. I felt my body saying hey what about me? What am I chopped liver? Glad to hear you're excising too. I'll try not to back slide. Thanks for the encouragement.

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