Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part Two

If you missed Part One from last week, here's the link: Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File -- Part One

Here's another excerpt from this pension file that turns out wasn't for my own ancestor but since I have the file, I feel that I should share it's contents in hopes that it may help someone out there.

Physicians Affidavit
State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

          in the Pension Claim of Henry Bryan, (Lali?) Private Company. K. 37th Regiment U.S.C T. Personally appeared be me a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern district of N.C. 
          who post office address is Washington Beaufort County, North Carolina.

Present physical condition of Henry Bryant age 55. Height 5ft 8". Weight 180lbs circumference of abdomen 34" 1/2. Cir. of chest (next two words?): 35". Pulse heart rate 60. strengths and volume of pulse good regular and does not intermit. character of hearts action uniform vascular sounds normal. Respiration 18 vesicules murmur clear and distinct over both lungs. Urine: -color and amount passes normal.0.9.1018, alkaline in reaction, no albumen nor sugar, Increased amount of water. Liver dullness normal.
About 8 years ago his left eye began paining him became swollen and inflamed effecting materially the eyesight, every year since he is periodically and sincerely affected with (word?) and almost complete blindnes

In this eye, I had treated him for this effection several times during the past year. It is very painful and lays him up for several days at a time. He complains of Rheumatism of the hip and knee for which I have treated him several times during the past two years. It is sciatica: renders him unable to travel about or do his labor. it is at the present time very painful. The condition is chronic and deserves due consideration. It does not yield readily to treatment it is a great expense to him and annoyance. 

          Signed G. W. Kuglen Jr. M.D.
          Medical examiner for the case

Sadly, Henry Bryan's condition continues to deteriorate as time goes by. More from his pension file tomorrow. 


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