Moments Of Peace And Tranquility With The Family

We just returned from Cape Cod and what a truly wonderful vacation it was! I am feeling relaxed and refreshed. These are pictures of a wonderful little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Provincetown. There's a lovely home furnishing store called WA, that specializes in Asian decor and just wonderful things of a peaceful nature. Located directly behind the store down a little side alley is a beautiful little Zen Garden.

What is this place?

It's like a land of enchantment.

So can we move here?

Yeah, I'm moving here.

Here fishy fishy...

I think I see a big one!

(sniff sniff) My babies are growing up too fast :)


My handsome men


  1. You went to one of my dream vacation spots! It looks like you all had a great time. Love the tranquility garden. Beautiful family!

    1. Thanks Yvette. This was such a wonderful vacation. I hope you get a chance to go.

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  3. It looks like a cool place to vacation! Were the temps nice?

  4. Hi Kristin. The weather was fabulous! It was either high 70's or low 80's for the week we were there. We just love going to Cape Cod because even in summer the beaches are never too crowded and that it is just so peaceful. Love going to visit the art galleries in Wellfleet and in Provincetown.


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