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Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part Four

If you missed the first parts to this series, here are the links: Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part OneAmanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part TwoAmanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part Three.

The purpose of these posts again is to share information about a Henry Bryan who's Civil War pension file I had originally purchased hoping it would show information regarding my 3rd great grandfather, Henry Bryant of Morehead City, NC. My 3rd great grandfather on the 1870 census resided in Beaufort, Carteret County, NC. It turns out that the Henry Bryan who's pension file I have actually resided in Beaufort County, NC and was single. Anyway, I thought the information that I came across could perhaps help someone someday who is searching for this particular individual who served in the 37th Regiment of the U.S.C.T.  Vols..

My last Amanuensis Monday blog post discussed how this Henry Bryan's pension was due to be reduced from $12 a month to $8 a month as of May 4, 1895, unless he could prove his case. Unfortunately, he was not able to prove his case and the reduction went into effect.  Henry Bryan did continue to argue for his pension to be increased back to it's original amount. The following is his testimony he provided in July 1897:

State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort
In the matter of Henry Bryan Pension claim certificate# 827060 on this 15th day of July 1897. Personally appeared before me a Notary Republic for and within the county & state aforesaid Henry Bryan age 50 years Resident & post office Washington Beaufort Co N.C.
who being duly sworn according to law declares as follows I am the identical Henry Bryan who was a pensioner under act of June 27 1890 by certificate# 827060 at rates of $12 per month and on or about May 1895 I was cut down to eight dollars per month on the grounds that the medical division held that I was not intitile to $12 per month. And I have only been drawing $8 per month from May 4th 1895 to the present. And I made an application for the $12 per month with the return of my notice also forward on testimony and I have not heard from same since & I have not been ordered for medical examination since and I make this statement for the purpose of having a hearing in regard to my old claim under act of June 27 1890 please inform me at the earliest date what is the cause of delay of said claim if more testimony is needed please notify me at the earliest date testimony is on file. I am unable to do any manual labor whatever by reason of complication of disease which one not due to any vicious habits. I hereby about W H Pender of Washington, Beaufort Co N.C.  as my legal and lawful agent to prosents this claim & ask that he be paid according to act of congress My P O  is Washington N. C.
Witnesses                                                                               Henry X Bryan  
Chas E Harding
Joseph Dyson

Sworn subscribed to before one this 15th July 1897 and I certify same was read over to him before he executed the same.                   

                                                                                              E E Simmons 
                                                                                              Notary Republic

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Sunday's Obituary: William Arthur Harrison Sr.

A young William Arthur Harrison Sr. pictured with his
son, William Arthur Harrison Jr.

William Arthur Harrison Sr. was one of my grandfather's brothers and unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet him before he passed away. Something wonderful that came out of my research journey has been that I've been able to connect with one of his descendants and his wife and kids. How we connected I wrote about in this series of blog posts: A Comment Goes Unnoticed --Part oneA Comment Goes Unnoticed --Part two, and Thankful Thursday: A Comment Goes Unnoticed...No Longer!

There is another cousin that is out there that was made evident by this obituary --Kendria Harrison. Now this blog has been a wonderful way to connect with cousins. Maybe with a little luck  Kendria will decide to Google her name, or perhaps her maiden name because she may be married now. Or perhaps one day she will be searching for some information on her father and she will stumble across this blog post. It certainly would be great to track down another cousin.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: My Mom, Brother, and the Mysterious Finger :)

My Mom and Brother on the back patio of my paternal grandparent's house. 
I love how in this picture it's as if the finger is pointing at them.
I think the year was 1968.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday's Obituary: Mary Jane Henderson Gatlin

Image courtesy of

Mary Henderson Gatlin, my 2nd cousin 2x removed.
Obituary from New Bern Sun Journal
January 1, 1999

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mary Jane Gatlin, You Are Not Forgotten!

Image courtesy of

Last night, I started to write a post and midway through it I realized my writing was just one meandering mess. I woke up at 3am and asked myself, what I am trying to say and that's when it hit me. My 2nd cousin 2 times removed, Mary Jane Gatlin was trying to tell me...Heh, What about me? Don't forget about me. Let me explain. 

Mary Jane Mitchell Sampson and Rosa Mitchell Jones were sisters. Rosa Mitchell Jones was my 2nd great grandmother. The Sampson family that I knew of was as follows:

Mary Jane Mitchell Sampson and David Sampson ---parents
Their children: Alfred, Annie, Effie, Eva Sampson (died in infancy), and Rosa Sampson Blake.

I have chronicled my findings about my Mitchells and Sampsons of Riverdale, NC in many different blog posts but I had yet to write about Mary Jane Gatlin. I didn't know her personally, but her name kept popping up in different places. I first came upon her name in the obituaries for Effie Sampson and Rosa Sampson Blake.

Obituary for Effie Sampson
New Bern Sun Journal
Monday, August 11, 1969

Obituary for Rosa Sampson Blake
New Bern Sun Journal 
Friday, February 16, 1979

And then lastly, on the obituary for Annie Sampson.

Obituary for Annie Sampson
New Bern Sun Journal
March 17, 1983

So Mary Jane Gatlin was listed as a niece to all three Sampson sisters, This made me think well perhaps their brother Alfred was the father of Mary Gatlin.  That's when I started to dig a bit. I consulted the North Carolina Death Collection on and found her death record.

Image courtesy of

I wasn't expecting to find the maiden name of Henderson. I started to think perhaps Alfred Sampson wasn't her father. This was in early 2011. My attention was then steered toward a different family line and my thoughts about Mary were set aside, that is until my recent phone conversations with a couple of lovely ladies from the Riverdale, NC area.
It turns out that yes indeed, Alfred Sampson was the father of Mary. Mary's mother and Alfred never married. After these conversations I started back at digging up information on Mary. I am loving these days because they have a ton of records that are accessible on-line for Carteret and Craven Counties. Here is the marriage record for Mary Henderson to Simon Gatlin which led me to the name of Mary's mother. 

Image Courtesy of
Marriage License for Simon Gatlin and Mary Jane Henderson
"North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979," index and images FamilySearch

So I knew at this point that Mary was born in 1911 and that her mother was an Elma Henderson. I did not know Elma's maiden name but that's when I checked to see if I could find a marriage record on Garfield Henderson and sure enough there was one.

Image Courtesy of Family Search
Marriage License of Garfield Henderson and Elma Pigott
"North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979," index and images, FamilySearch

So Elma Henderson was Elma Pigott before she was married to Garfield Henderson. Mary's birth date on the death collection record said 1911. It looks like to me that Elma, being in a family way, was quickly married off to someone else since for whatever reason Alfred and her never married.

Now after I was done talking on the phone with my new Riverdale connections, I remembered a conversation that took place in a car ride with my Aunt Rosa and Uncle Nat from Morehead City. I visited them down in North Carolina back in the summer of 2002, along with my parents and brother. I remembered on the car ride from Coastal Carolina Regional Airport to Morehead City her pointing out an area along U.S. 70. She said "the family once had land back up in them woods there but they had sold it off." Now it all made sense. She was talking about where her cousins lived in Riverdale. I went next to the Craven County Register of Deeds and then said A-Ha! The land was sold back in 1998. Guess who's name was among the grantors?

Mary Jane Gatlin you are not forgotten!

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Wordless Wednesday: The Murrell Brothers

My paternal grandfather, Harold Murrell, and his brother Rupert Murrell
I believe this picture was taken somewhere in St Philip's Parish, Barbados.
My grandfather took many trips over the years to visit family there.

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Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part Three

If you've missed parts one and two, here are the links:Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part One and Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part Two

The purpose of these blog posts has been to get information out there, over the internet to help someone who may be in search of this Henry Bryan. He served with the 37th Regiment of the U.S.C.T. Vols.

In this segment, we learn that Henry's condition has continued to deteriorate over time and even worse, his pension which he had been receiving for $12 per month was due to be reduced to $8 per month as of May 4, 1895, unless he could prove his case.

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions,

Board of Revision.
Cert. No. 827.060
Present rate, $12
Name, Henry Bryan
Co. K 37 Reg't U.S.C. Vol Inf.        Washington, D.C., April, 24, 1895


You are informed that the medical evidence on file in your case does not show that you are suffering from a mental or physical disability which incapacitates you for performance of manual labor in such a degree as to render you unable to earn a support so as to entitle you to a higher rating than $8.00 per month under the act of June 27, 1890.

Thirty days (the period fixed by the act of December 21, 1893,) will be given you from the receipt hereof in which to file any evidence, medical if possible, that you may wish to file to show the extent to which you are incapacitated for manual labor.

     Your case will thereupon be reconsidered, and if the testimony filed warrants such action, your present rate will be allowed to remain unchanged.  If, however, such evidence shall not be satisfactory or shall not have been furnished, the action of Reduction above indicated will be taken without further notice at the expiration of the period above stated. 

     This letter should be returned with your reply, and the envelope inclosing the same and all testimony filed in response hereto should be addressed to the Commissioner of Pensions, and marked in the lower left-hand corner, "Board of Revision." 

                    Very respectfully, 


Henry Bryan
Box 17. Washington 
Beaufort County

Wow, ain't that something! You serve, continue to get older and your medical conditions get worse and so I guess you won't be needing as much money to take care of yourself now. Have a nice day. Man, I would have had a few choice words to say.

Henry Bryan apparently, tried to provide evidence that his conditions were serious and he needed his pension to remain at the rate of $12/month. Here is his testimony that was received by the U.S. Pension office it looks like on June 1st and reviewed at the Board of Revision on June 4, 1895. 

North Carolina
County of Beauford

In the matter of pension claim certificate # 827.060 of Henry Bryan late a Private of Co. K 37 Regt U.S.C.T. on this 28 day of May A.D. 1895.

Personally appeared before me a U.S. Commissioner for the eastern District of North Carolina Henry Bryan age about fifty Resident in Washington Beaufort Co. N.C. well known to be reputable and entitle to credit who being duly sworn according to law declares as follows, I am total unable to perform manual labor by reason of rheumatism in my legs & back & joints & hips & loss of vision of left eye for nine month I have been so I would have to be nursed would have to be turned over. Dr. John Blount treated me but I am not able to obtain an affidavit from him by reason of I am not able to pay him five dollars the price he charges. And I ask that the affidavit of Mr. Geo H. Wilder & Lewis Swindell be accepted

the twelve dollars by which I have been receiving for loss of vision of left eye & rheumatism will not feed me & pay for the liniments which I require in my invalid condition therefore I ask that the twelve dollars remain. I am not able to perform labor by reason of Rheumatism for the past three month I have not been able to do any thing depending on people who are not bound to my support to keep me & to nurse me some time. I can not get up when down. All I depends on is what little pension I received from the Government. 

This statement was written by W. H. Pender in my presence only from an oral statement made to him on this 28 day May 1895 in making the above I did not use & was not aided or promped by any written or (word?) statement or recital prepared or dictated by any other person & not attached as

an (word?) to this my testimony my Rr is Washington N.C. 

Witness                                                                           his
Lewis Swindell                                                   Henry   X   Bryan
Elijah Dudley                                                               mark

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 28th May 1895, and I certify that the foregoing affidavit was read over to him before he executed same.   

                                                                                S. Simmon

                                                                               U.S. Comr

The testimonies of George H. Wilder and Lewis Swindell, I will post next Monday as well as what the Board of Revision decided.

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Thank Goodness For The Kindness Of Strangers --Part Two

If you missed my post from yesterday, here's the link Thankful Thursday: Thank Goodness For The Kindness Of Strangers --Part One.

Okay, yesterday was a good day. For those who are new to reading my blog, let me recap some information in regards to who the Sampsons were. My family line from the Riverdale, NC goes like this.

Mortimer Mitchell and Annie Taylor Mitchell --3rd great grandparents.

Their children:  Alfred Mitchell
                         Maggie Mitchell Thompson
                         Nancy Mitchell
                         Rosa Mitchell Jones --my 2nd great grandmother                           
                         who resided in Morehead City, NC. 
                         Mary Jane Mitchell Sampson--the mother of Effie
                         and Annie Sampson.

So when my mother took that ride out in the country with her mother, it was apparently a day trip out from Morehead City to Riverdale, NC to the Sampson family farm. My mother was absolutely thrilled to find out some sort of confirmation of who those women were. I called her right after I got off the phone with a lovely lady who knew them. Even better there was more!

This lovely woman told me about her godmother, Mary Jane Gatlin, who's father turns out was Alfred Sampson. Alfred Sampson was a sibling of Annie and Effie. Apparently, Alfred did not marry the mother of this child. I didn't get a chance to ask my new contact about who Mary Gatlin's mother was but I believe I have found her in the records.

Marriage License for a Mary Jane Henderson and Simon Gatlin of Riverdale, NC
Image courtesy of
"North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979," Family Search

According to this marriage license it shows that the mother of Mary Jane Henderson Gatlin was an Elma Henderson. The bride's age is listed as 21 years old. That would make her year of birth about 1910. So I decided to dig a little deeper to see when Garfield Henderson married his wife Elma.  It turns out that Elma was Elma Pigott and she married Garfield Henderson on December 4, 1910.

Marriage License for an Elma Pigott and Garfield Henderson
Image courtesy of
"North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979," index and images, Family Search

So perhaps Alfred Sampson and Elma Pigott got together and Elma became pregnant. For whatever reason, he did not marry her and Elma being in a family way was quickly married off to someone else.  This theory is just me speculating, but it seems plausible. 

Now I had come across the name Mary J Gatlin before in the obituaries for Annie and Effie Sampson but could never figure out the family connection. Again, thank goodness for the kindness of strangers because without their help I don't think I would have been able to figure this one out. 

That's all for today, but there is still a bit more that I found out recently. Hopefully the kids will allow me some time to write some more tomorrow.  :)


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Thankful Thursday: Thank Goodness For The Kindness of Strangers --Part One.

A couple of years ago, my mother told me a story of one time when she was a teenager she made a trip to Morehead City with her mother and while there, they took a ride in the country. Now I know my mother and we have a similar sense of humor. I know when she was riding in that car she was probably thinking to herself, "Um, How much more country are we talking about here?" My mother was visiting from New York so Morehead City was looking country enough for her. Ha. Anyway, she recalled they were driving out in the woods for quite a ways and finally came to this place where two sisters lived. To her they looked "Indian" or something. They were fair skinned with freckles and with long reddish brown hair. She remembered they were petite. They were referred to as some of her "grandmother's people." She's carried this memory with her all these years and wasn't sure who they were. Today, I believe I was able to confirm who they were from the help of several kind people.

Earlier this year, I wrote about my trip to New Bern and Morehead City to pay my respect to my Aunt Rosa who had passed away and also to connect with other family members. Along the way I was able to take time out to visit Mt Olive AME Zion Church in Riverdale, NC. Next to the church and running behind it as well there is this wonderful old African American cemetery where a number of my ancestors are buried. I visited their graves and walked through the whole area to take things in. When I went to leave, I noticed that there was a church event going on and some people had pulled into the parking area. One lady who was unloading what I believe was a tray of food or something from her car, caught my eye as she went inside. I started to walk back to my car and she came back out of the building. I smiled and I almost didn't stop to say anything.   We were still a distance from each other. Can you imagine that? Then I said to myself, "Ask! It doesn't hurt to ask." So I introduced myself and explained why I was visiting the cemetery that day.
I asked her if she knew anything about the church's history. She knew only a little. I then asked if she would be able to take my name and contact information and that if she knew of anyone who knew more about the church's history if she could pass my information on to them. I still have to kick myself sometimes when I hesitate to ask for help. Oh well, I will keep working on that. Back to the connection to the two sisters. I returned home to upstate NY and life went back to normal. I didn't know if anything would come from leaving my information with that lady. I was at peace with the idea that at least I tried. Then I get a phone call out of the blue, from a gentleman who found my blog online, who grew up in the Riverdale community. He attended service at Mt Olive in his youth and has family buried there in the church cemetery. I don't know this for certain but I think he received my telephone number from the lady I spoke with back in January. Next I get a message on Facebook from a lovely woman who used to pastor at Mt. Olive. I had completely forgotton I had written to her some time ago. She forwarded my contact information on to a friend of hers who she thinks could help me. She provides me with information that I will write about in another blog post but incredibly...there's more! She puts me in contact with someone who knew two sisters. They had freckles and were petite in stature and had long reddish brown hair.

Effie and Annie Sampson graves.
My 1st cousins 3x removed.
Graves are located at Mt Olive AME Zion Church in Riverdale, NC.

More to come tomorrow!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part Two

If you missed Part One from last week, here's the link: Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File -- Part One

Here's another excerpt from this pension file that turns out wasn't for my own ancestor but since I have the file, I feel that I should share it's contents in hopes that it may help someone out there.

Physicians Affidavit
State of North Carolina
County of Beaufort

          in the Pension Claim of Henry Bryan, (Lali?) Private Company. K. 37th Regiment U.S.C T. Personally appeared be me a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern district of N.C. 
          who post office address is Washington Beaufort County, North Carolina.

Present physical condition of Henry Bryant age 55. Height 5ft 8". Weight 180lbs circumference of abdomen 34" 1/2. Cir. of chest (next two words?): 35". Pulse heart rate 60. strengths and volume of pulse good regular and does not intermit. character of hearts action uniform vascular sounds normal. Respiration 18 vesicules murmur clear and distinct over both lungs. Urine: -color and amount passes normal.0.9.1018, alkaline in reaction, no albumen nor sugar, Increased amount of water. Liver dullness normal.
About 8 years ago his left eye began paining him became swollen and inflamed effecting materially the eyesight, every year since he is periodically and sincerely affected with (word?) and almost complete blindnes

In this eye, I had treated him for this effection several times during the past year. It is very painful and lays him up for several days at a time. He complains of Rheumatism of the hip and knee for which I have treated him several times during the past two years. It is sciatica: renders him unable to travel about or do his labor. it is at the present time very painful. The condition is chronic and deserves due consideration. It does not yield readily to treatment it is a great expense to him and annoyance. 

          Signed G. W. Kuglen Jr. M.D.
          Medical examiner for the case

Sadly, Henry Bryan's condition continues to deteriorate as time goes by. More from his pension file tomorrow. 

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Do You Ever Get That Feeling That Something Is Bubbling Behind The Scenes?

Something's bubbling. I don't know what, but genealogy-wise, something is definitely bubbling behind the scenes. Too many recent phone calls and emails have me wondering right now, what is about to unfold. I am in the moment of waiting..when you know something is percolating...but you just have to wait and see how things unfold. Excited but I wish I knew what was coming.

This moment I am in, is what I live for. I am waiting for the reveal. Thank you in advance for those who have been helping me...guiding me in the right direction. You know who you are and I want to reiterate that I will only reveal what is agreed upon. If you don't want me to talk about you, I won't. I am in the place of just wanting to know. Wanting to know so badly what is about to be revealed. Hopefully, I will have news for readers in the next week. For right now...I am so gloriously waiting....just waiting.

Microsoft Office Downloaded Image

Brother and Sister

My brother and I in 1976

My kids on vacation June 2012.

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Thank You For Following My Blog!

Okay, I couldn't sleep tonight. Tried for real, but it just wasn't working, me going to bed early. There has been a song in my head all day that I haven't been able to get out. I posted earlier today, this song on my Facebook page and it has been floating in and out of my days events. But in this hour when I am not able to sleep, it is still in my head. Sometimes, I don't know why things haunt me...but this song has been haunting me all day today. Perhaps, there is someone who is supposed to take notice of this song besides me and I am merely the vehicle. I don't know what it is. I just know when I heard this song on the Oprah Winfrey Show, a  couple of years ago, that this song might help someone. And if it don't, well I'm still digging there. :)

Amanuensis Monday: Not My Henry Bryant's Civil War Pension File --Part One:

During my guest spot on Bernice Bennett's blog talk radio show, Research at the National Archives & Beyond, "Sharing Your Genealogy Research Through Blogging!", a caller named Michael Henderson, brought to light a very good point during the show. If you missed the show here is the link.

Michael was interested in knowing what the guests of the show did with information that they came across while researching, that wasn't related to their specific research on their own ancestors. He asked, "What do you do with that information?" I thought this was an excellent point that he brought up and it was a reminder to myself that as a researcher and a blogger, I have a responsibility to assist others as well. If you are into genealogy, you know the kindness that comes from other genealogists. Michael's question reminded me of something that I have had in my own possession since last Fall that I quickly figured out didn't involve one of my own ancestors.  So I've decided to post over the next several Monday's excerpts of a Civil War pension file for a Henry Bryan of Beaufort County, NC. I ordered this record initially thinking that this might be a record regarding my 3rd great grandfather Henry Bryant who resided in Beaufort, Carteret, NC according to the 1870 census and who later moved on to Morehead City. This information is not regarding my ancestor, but it may help someone else on their research journey.

Henry Bryan Civil War Pension File. Application# 1095336, Cert # 827060
I ordered from the National Archives last Fall.

Declaration for Invalid Pension.

Act of June 27, 1890

Note --This can be executed before any officer authorized to administer oaths for general purposes. If such officer uses a seal, certificate of Clerk of Court is not necessary. If no seal is used, then such certificate must be attached.

State of North Carolina, County of Beaufort, SS: On this 28 day of July, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and ninety two personally appeared before me, a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern district of NC within and for the County and State aforesaid, Henry Bryan aged 52 years, a resident of the town of Washington County of Beaufort, State of North Carolina, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Henry Bryan who was enrolled on the 14th day of Sept, 1864, in company K. 37th Regiment U.S.C.T. Vols and did not service in any other military or Naval service of the U.S. in the war of the rebellion, and served at least ninety days, and was Honorably Dishcharged at Raleigh N.C., on the 11th day of Feb, 1867. That he is now unable to earn a support by manual labor by reason of partly loss of eye sight and rheumatism of the left eye and the right. High knee rheumatism which prevented him from manual labor for firm or sick years 5 or 6 his eye have been fail the rheumatism about 10 years.

That said disabilities are not due to his vicious habits, and are to the best of his knowledge and belief permanent. That he has not applied for pension under application No. ______________. That he is a pensioner under Certificate No.____________.

That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension-roll of the United States under the provisions of the Act of June 27, 1890. He hereby appoints M. Smoovy of Washington Beaufort Co. N.C. his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim, and he directs that the sum of ten dollars be paid to said attorney.

That his post office address is P.O. Box 17 - Washington
County of Beaufort State of North Carolina

Otway Brimley                                                             Henry X Bryan
E.E. Harding                                                               (Signature of Claimant.)  
(Two witnesses who can write, sign here.)

General Affidavit

State of North Carolina, County of Beaufort, SS:
     In the matter of Henry Bryant (Lali?) Private Company K. 37th Regiment- U.S.C. Vols. on this  30th day of May, A.D. 1892, personally appeared before me a U.S. Commisioner for Eastern District of N.C. in and for aforesaid County duly authorized to administer oaths of Henry Bryant aged 53 years, a resident of Washington in the County of Beaufort and State of North Carolina well known to me to reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being declared in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

     I enlisted on the 11th day of Sept 1864 at New Berne N.C. in Company K. 37th Regiment - U.S.C.T. Vols. for 3 years and was discharged on the 11th day of Feb 1867 -at Raleigh N.C. I further state that I have not served in any other military or Naval service before or since my discharge on the 11th day of Feb 1867 at Raleigh N.C. therefore I am able to state the fact in my case for pension as aforesaid -I further state that I served in the war of 1861--1866 as states above faithful and above my duty as a soldier - and was discharged. I have complied with the call (word unclear)

Post-Office address is Washington, N.C. further declare that _______no interest in said {case and ______ not concerned in its prosecution.

Leroy Barrow                                                                        his
G (name?) Moore                                                       Henry  X Bryant
{If Affiants sign by mark, two persons who write signs here.}                       mark
                                                                                   {Signature of Affiants.}

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Moments Of Peace And Tranquility With The Family

We just returned from Cape Cod and what a truly wonderful vacation it was! I am feeling relaxed and refreshed. These are pictures of a wonderful little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Provincetown. There's a lovely home furnishing store called WA, that specializes in Asian decor and just wonderful things of a peaceful nature. Located directly behind the store down a little side alley is a beautiful little Zen Garden.

What is this place?

It's like a land of enchantment.

So can we move here?

Yeah, I'm moving here.

Here fishy fishy...

I think I see a big one!

(sniff sniff) My babies are growing up too fast :)


My handsome men

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