Channeling My Inner Warrior Princess Again

As I mentioned in my post, Something About Me Saturday: I Went To A Fencing Class This Week, I finally took a stab (pun intended) at getting back into the sport. I fenced while I attended Binghamton University from Fall of 1990 through 1994 but stopped once I graduated. What I loved about the sport then and still do now is how it makes me feel. When I fence it allows my inner warrior princess to come out and do battle. There had been something missing in my life that I couldn't quite figure out what it was until now. It's the feeling of being strong, independent, fierce. Perhaps I will go so far as to say, a bit bad ass! 

Well, this warrior princess fenced again last night and as a result, today I'm not feeling so bad ass. (Smile) 

That's okay. Today I rest to fight another day.


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