Wordless Wednesday: This Fish Never Stood A Chance

Fish said, "I knew I shouldn't have done it."

"I should have stayed home and gone back to sleep."

"But a fish has got to eat and so out I went.
 I'm swimming around and then all of sudden 
there's this Ball Park Frank hanging out right in front of me..."

"Who can pass up a hot dog?"

"The next thing I know this girl is 
yanking me out of the water."

"Learn from my mistake."

"Stay away from Ball Park Franks!"


  1. That is a big catfish. Did you eat it

    1. No, we didn't eat him. We decided to give him a second chance on life. :)

  2. When I was about her age, I caught a much smaller catfish and threw the whole fishing pole into the lake.

    1. I didn't realize how strong those fish are! They are no joke. :)


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