Friday Funny: The Secret To His Success

I recently purchased online a book called Sailing the Carolina Sounds:  Historical Places and My Favorite People by James T. Cheatham because it featured a small chapter about one of my ancestors. I found out about the book after doing a search on Google to see if I could learn anything new about any of my Hester relatives and Bingo! I found this.

James Arthur Hester is connected to me through my mom's side of the family. He was the nephew of the husband of my 2nd cousin 2x removed. He was also the dockmaster at Morehead City Yacht Basin for 50 years. 

I haven't had the opportunity yet to read the book in it's entirety. I look forward to some time after the holidays when I can catch up on my recreational reading. Anyway, I was able to read a portion of the book on-line before I made my purchase. The snippet made mention of why James Arthur Hester was so successful at his job. I couldn't help but smile after reading it.

James's success with boat owners and captains is explained in a true "Jamesism":  "You've got to have an understanding, cause if you have an understanding, you won't have a misunderstanding."


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