Fearless Females: Genealogy Trading Card for Carrie Ethel Whitney Harrison

Lisa Alzo of the blog The Accidental Genealogist is back hosting her list of 31 blogging prompts to celebrate the "fearless females" in our family trees in honor of Women's History Month. If you aren't familiar with these blog prompts, please check out the following link:  Fearless Females Blogging Prompts: Returning for Another Year to Celebrate Women's History Month

March 29 — Create a free Fold3 Memorial Page or a Genealogy Trading Card at Big Huge Labs for a female ancestor. Some of you may have created your own card back in September 2009 following Sheri Fenley’s post over at The Educated Genealogist. This time, the card is for your female ancestor. Tell us about who you've selected and why and then post a link to what you've created.

Previous trading cards I created were for my great grandmother Ophelia Jones Bryant, my 2nd great grand mother Rosa Mitchell Jones, and grandmother Mary Bryant Harrison Horton. You can view those cards on these posts:

This year I've created a card for my maternal great grandmother Carrie Ethel Whitney Harrison.

Fearless Females:  Genealogy Trading Card for Carrie Ethel Whitney Harrison

In my post, Sentimental Sunday: I Have Now Lived Longer Than My Great Grandmother Carrie, you can read why I believe she indeed was a "fearless female."


  1. love the picture! definitely gone too soon at 41.

  2. That's a beautiful picture. She started having children when she was very young, about 15, 16, I guess.

  3. I guess she could have had 13 if she started at 18 or 19 because she lived to be 41. She could have had them very close together, that would give her 20 or so years to fit them in. My mother-in-law had 12 children, starting with the first at 19 and the last at 42 and there were a couple of big spaces in there. And no twins.

    I do like this idea of Ancestor cards. I should do it for a family gathering.

    1. She started young and never had a break. I think in the end it became too much for her body. Two children did a number on mine. I can't even imagine 12 or 13 kids.

  4. She was my grandmother, my mom's mom. I think she had her first child, a son named John, around 1916, at age 17ish. My mother, Sarah Ethel Harrison, was born in 1917. The last child, Robert, is still living and I think he's in Moorehead, NC. The family kind of fell to pieces after she died; my grandfather John never remarried. This is the second picture of her I've ever seen in my life. Wow. thank you so much for posting it.

    1. It's my pleasure that I was able to share the picture. If I come across any others I'll be glad to share with you. This was a yearbook picture from the West St school. The Planet was the name of the yearbook. There is a copy of the yearbook on line. Here's the link: https://archive.org/stream/planet191501west#page/4/mode/2up


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