Amanuensis Monday: The Whitney/Harrison Family Bible--Part one

The cover of the Whitney/Harrison Family Bible

I tried on this recent trip to Morehead City and New Bern to pack in as much as possible to my visit and luckily I was able to connect with my mother's father's side of the family. Two of my grandfather Lemuel Richard Harrison's siblings are still alive. Amazing right. There was such a broad span of ages since there was a total of 13 children. My Uncle Bobby, the youngest of the siblings has the family bible and shared it with me during our visit. What a blessing he is. Glad to have had a chance to know him. I hear when he laughs my grandfather Lemuel, which I love because it keeps his memory and spirit alive for me. My grandfather died back on December 28, 1987. It has been awhile since I have heard his voice but when I hear Uncle Bobby, although not the same...the cadence and his laugh bring me right back to grandpa. Love it! So my Uncle Bobby, lives in Morehead City now and I am ever so grateful for having a chance to see him again.  Also, I am glad I have had a chance to hold in my own hands something held and owned by my 2nd great grandfather Samuel Whitney--the family bible. The bible was passed down from the Whitneys to the Harrison family line. Births, marriages, deaths from Whitneys and Harrisons are recorded in this book. I enjoyed opening the bible up and immediately recognizing Samuel Whitney's handwriting. I was familiar with it from seeing it in his older brother Augustus Whitney's Civil War pension file.

Page 2

Page 3

Bristor F Whitney
The Son of Samuel Whitney & Sarah J. Whitney was born the 20th of June 1884.

Sarah Jane Whitney was born October 11th, 1859

Carrie and John Harrison was married October 14, 1914 

Page 4
Samuel David was born November the 3rd 1885
Daved Whitney - 72 yrs old. 
Died March 13th 1957

Page 5

Johney E Whitney was born 
May the 16th 1887

Page 6

Johney H Whitney was born
the 27th of Sept 1888

Page 7

George W was born January the 2nd 1891

Page 8

Benjamin was born November the (looks like originally was the 3rd but scratched out 25 is written in above) 1893

Sarah E Whitney was born April the 20th 1904
Lilly Child a girl
Ellen Whitney born Jan 22 1909
Julia Whitney born 22 May 1914
Edner Lucil was born 3rd Feb 1917

(The birth of Benjamin on this page was in reference to one of Samuel and Sarah Whitney's children. The others match the names and dates listed for a Lillie F. Whitney's children. She was a niece of Samuel Whitney who lived in New Bern.)

Page 9

Amy Ularah was born May the 12th 1896
James Edward Harrison was born April 2--1938 (Oct 24--1938 was crossed out )
James Edward Harrison died May 1991 Age 53 when died
James 1 year/9 mos older than Bobby
Robert Eugene Harrison (Bobby) was born July 28-1939
52 years old in 1991

Page 10

Carrie Esther was born October the 11th 1897 on her mother's birthday. She was 38 years old, (correction written in ink) was 42 years when died.
John Thomas Harrison jr. was born March 26, 1916
Sarah Ethel Harrison was born August 20th 1917
Samuel David born March 18, 1919
Lemuel Richard was born February 20, 1921
George R Harrison born Nov 28, 1922
Frederick Harrison Jan 20 1924 (correction written in ink)-25

Page 11

George died July the 15th
Bristor died 1884 on June 20th
Johnnie died in Sept 1888
Margaret Fleetie Bell Harrison born July 13 1926
Earl Whitney Harrison born May 25 1928
Rudolph H Harrison  born Apr 28-30
Edwin Whitney (March/Jan 18) 1929
Rudolph Henry Harrison born April 27, 1930
Carrie Mae May 7 1932

More from the bible next Monday.


  1. I LOVE original manuscripts. I can almost feel the presence of the ancestors who wrote in them. I'm so glad you got to have this experience.


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