Wordless Wednesday: Pictures of My Grandpa --Harold Murrell

Harold O. Murrell
A man on a mission!

Back Row 2nd from left, Harold O. Murrell.
He served in the National Guard.


  1. You are so blessed to have these photos! Since Cedric's grandfather died before he was born and all family photos were left in the homestead (now boarded up) we have no idea what he looked like. Hoping that someone will have a photo with him in it!

  2. I love your caption -- your grandfather does indeed look like a serious man, and even more so in the 2nd photo.

  3. I wonder where was he going with newspaper in pocket, a quite place to read.

  4. Linda, my first thought was that he was off to do "The Jumble" word puzzle, but according to Wikipedia that wasn't created until 1954 so that wasn't the case. When I was a child that was something he always did when he read the newspaper.

    Wendy, he looked serious in these pictures, I think he was a man with purpose. He did have a wonderful sense of humor too.

    Debra, thanks for your comments too. These pictures are a blessing and I am ever so thankful to have them. I hope someday you are able to find a picture of Cedric's grandfather. I know you will keep searching.

  5. I was wondering where he was going too! Great photos.

  6. He was a very good looking man. I like this photo with him caught in mid-stride.


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