Amanuensis Monday: The Whitney/Harrison Family Bible--Part two

Here's the next section of the Whitney/Harrison Family Bible. Last Monday, I featured the first part of the bible in the post titled:  Amanuensis Monday: The Whitney/Harrison Family Bible --Part one. 

Page 12

George Keho died Dec 24, 1929
Julia Whitney baby born 1929 or 30

William Arthur Harrison 
born Jan 29, 1934

Page 13

Sarah J Whitney died 
Sep 12 1937 at 1:26 o'clock

Carrie E. Harrison died 
Aug 1st 1939 at 4:30 o'clock

Bobby Harrison born 
July 28 1939 at Good Shepard Hospital

Page 14 of the bible I am choosing to keep private at this time. This page does document the death of my 2nd great grandmother Mary Williams Harrison who died Dec 28, 1943 at 11 o'clock. The death of her grandson Rudolph H. Harrison is noted on this page as well. It says that he died April 15--19, 1966 in New York City.

Page 15

John T. Harrison Sr. (father)
Died June 22, 1974
Buried June 26, 1974
(Greenwood Cemetery)
83 years when died
Born: Dec. 22, 1891

Page 16

John Thomas Harrison Jr.
Died Wednesday morning 22 Nov. 1978
Buried Monday morning National Cemetery 27 Nov. 1978
Born ........March 16, 1916
Age..........62 year old
Died ( City) Elizabeth City, NC.

Page 17

Page 18

Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Harrison Reynolds
Born.....October 6, 1887 (Aunt/Mother)
Died .....29 December 1978
Place ......Craven County Hospital
Buried ......Jan 3, 1979 Greenwood Cemetery
She raised her nephew....Bobby Harrison
after the death of his mother (Carrie E.
Harrison)  She was the only mother I knew 

Mr. Edward Harrison (Uncle)
Died.........Jan. 10, 1979
Place........Pasadena, Maryland
He was our Uncle on my Father's Side

Page 19

Mr. Freddie Harrison, Sr.
Died....Veteran's Administration
Hospital.....Nov. 9, 1979
Buried....Nov. 13, 1979 in the 
National Cemetery 54 yrs old when died.

Mr. Samuel David Harrison
Died:  June 11, 1981
Place: St Petersburg, Fla.
Born: March 18, 1919
Age: 62 yrs old

Page 20

Earl Whitney Harrison -Born: 25 May 1928
Died: 25 Feb 85
Time: 4:00 p.m.
City/State: Willingboro, NJ
Age: 56 yrs of age
Burial: 1 March 85

Page 21

Mrs. Sarah Ethel Harrison Roseman
Born: August 30, 1917
Died: May 28, 1987
Place: Roxboro, Massachusetts
Burial "Cremation"
Age 69 when died.
would have been 70 in Aug

Mr. Lemuel Richard Harrison
Born:  February 20, 1921
Died:  December 28, 1987
Place: Hollis, New York
Age: 66 yrs old. 

It feels like this is a good breaking point for today's post, ending with my grandfather's entry in the family bible. Happy researching everyone! More from the family bible next Monday.


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