Sunday's Obituary: Another Obituary Reveals Clues.

Okay this is a case of  "Ooops, my bad."  I mentioned in my last post, Reveling In This Moment, how I connected with a Jones family cousin a little more than a year ago and that she shared with me several images.  One of those pictures was a newspaper obituary. Upon receipt, I glanced at it and accessed that it was pretty much the same obituary that I already had, which I featured in my post, Sunday's Obituary: Dr. Oscar Dunn Jones.  Well, my bad, it wasn't. I looked at it again this past week and read it thoroughly this time. 

This obituary gave a bit more detail on the circumstances surrounding Oscar's death. Unfortunately, I don't know what paper it came from. Now I took liberties to fill in information that had been cut off if I was able to figure out the gist of what a sentence was saying.

Dr. O. D Jones Dies in N.C.

Dr. O. D. Jones, a practicing dentist in Baltimore for thirty years, died Wednesday at 11 p.m. at the home of his brother T. M. Jones, in Raleigh, following a heart attack.  

Dr. Jones in company with another brother, Dr. James Jones of Philadelphia, was en route to visit still another brother in Morehead City, N. C. They had stopped overnight in Raleigh.

Preparing for Bed

The Baltimore dentist was preparing for bed when he was taken suddenly ill. He had been ordered to take a month's rest because he had recently suffered two serious heart attacks.

Another brother, Henry, of Philadelphia, and a sister Miss Elizabeth Jones of Morehead City.

(Continued on Page 3, Col. ?)

(a portion of obituary is missing)

... O. D. Jones Jr. of Selfridge Field, MI survive. 

Son to Accompany Body

Corporal Jones has been notified of the death and will bring the body to Baltimore for funeral services.

Howard U. Grad

Dr. Jones graduated from Howard University where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate work. He was an active member of St. James (part cut off) Church.

He was vice president of (part cut off) Club and former superintendent of the church school (part cut off) associate vestryman.

Dr. Jones lived at 1128 W. Lafayette Ave and conducted office at 1405 Druid Hill Avenue.

Clue #1:  Oscar Dunn Jones died at the home of his brother T. M. Jones., in Raleigh, N.C. 

Who was T. M. Jones?  I didn't have him listed on my family tree among the children of William Henry Jones and Emma Shepard?  Was he a child missed by the census?  

Answer:  He may have been a child missed by the census but I am more inclined to believe at this time that he was visiting the home of his brother Dr. Caeser N. Jones of Raleigh, NC. His initials were C. N. and perhaps were misheard by whoever took down the information for the obituary. 

Clue #2:  Who was this Dr. James Jones? I did not have a record of him anywhere or so I thought. Was there another brother who lived in Philadelphia? Could this be true?

Answer:  Yes! My cousin confirmed this information. There was another brother named James Edward Jones who was also a dentist. Then I went back and looked at the obituary I had found quite some time ago in the ProQuest Historical Newspapers Colletion: The Baltimore Afro-American (1893-1988.) Yes, indeed there is mention of a Dr. J. E. Jones

Lesson learned from this:  Read through everything sent to you thoroughly. I made an assumption when I received the above featured obituary that it was identical to the one I already had all because they had the same picture shown in each. Like I said before, Ooops my bad!

More on James Edward Jones tomorrow. Happy researching everyone! 



  1. I'm trying to find out the name of the father of my mother's sister. She had two obituaries published in a newspaper on the 11th and 12th day of the month. I paid to view the 12th date but there was no mention of a father's name. I assumed that the 11th would be the same obituary and never looked into it further. I think now after reading your post, I will pay the small fee and see if by chance the father's name is there.

    1. Hey, it's worth a shot. I wish you good luck in your research. Thanks for reading :)

  2. You're welcome and thanks for the encouragement. I accessed the obituary on the 11th and it was 100% identical to the wording on the 12th. At least I know I tried and can focus my efforts on other records. Take care!

  3. I've been finding it really hard to verify groups of siblings, when they've got similar given names or sometimes just initials. Often the initials are wrong or the name is misheard. I can see how C. N. would sound like T. N.


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