Something About Me Saturday On Sunday: More Vacation Pictures From Cape Cod

I was too tired to get this post out last night so here we go with Something About Me Saturday On Sunday. Vacations end all too soon. (Sigh) Oh well, this past week was wonderful. We made our yearly pilgrimage to Cape Cod.  A few years ago, we found the sweetest little cottage in the woods that is just so peaceful. It is the perfect spiritual oasis where my mind and body quickly return to center.  Our days were spent lazying around the beach or building a sand fort or two. Well...let me be honest. I should say I was the one lazying around.

This is me on vacation.

My husband and kids were the ones who were in constant motion. If they weren't walking somewhere, then they were building something.  If they weren't building something, then they were swimming in the ocean or a pond.

My handsome boy!

Daddy's girl

This one looks like they are doing exercises but my husband and daughter
 are actually signaling for my son to move over in the water.

This year my kids mastered body boarding! I am so proud of them both.

Surfer girl

Happy Husband!

on Sunday.


  1. What a great family you have! Your husband is a prince to entertain the kids all day . . . and he looks like he's having as much fun as they are. Just what a pilgrimage to Cape Cod should be like.

    I prefer my ocean water closer to bath temperature. But I admire people who can truly enjoy the chilly waters of the Cape.

    1. Oh you are so sweet! I am with you Mariann. I love the beach at Cape Cod but I can't get myself to go in any further than waist level. Water is too cold. I still have a great time watching my crew and relaxing though.


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