Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Book Of Me: Prompt 18 --First Present Or Gift

If you are not familiar with this wonderful project that was created by Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog, please refer to this link:

This week’s prompt is First Present or Gift

Can you remember it?
Who bought it for you?
Do you still have it?
Pictures or a description
Other special gifts?

For this prompt, I referred to my baby book for answers. I am so glad my mom took the time to fill out these pages. No I can't remember receiving these things but I think it is really cool to look at who were the people who were there to share in the joy of my parents new arrival --me! :)

Gifts To Welcome Baby

List gifts and from whom

Grandmother Horton -mattress & bumper for crib

Grandmother & dad Murrell outfit to come home for the hospital in. Grandfather & Mother Vadnie, bunting yellow & baby carry seat.
Aunt Rosa, crib sheets & blankets.
Aunt Janice, wool lacy pink dress
Margie Roachford - white wool dress & tights 
Sandra Thomas - pink all in one outfit
Alan Cheeseman - blue & white dress
Miss Westly - green & white blanket
Granddaddy Cecil, - dacron blanket also could be made into a sleeping bag.
2 comb & brush sets

First Christmas

sweater set from Aunt Edna

pink and blue outfit from Aunt Janice
mobile for crib, two outfits Mom Mom Murrell
mobile and red and white outfit -Mom Mom Horton
Mrs. Caroline Dudley, stuffed toys & dolls
blue dress, Aunt Eloise, red & white outfit -Pierce

I am glad I looked over my baby book again. There's a name listed Alan Cheeseman that might be a connection to my paternal grandfather. I think I remember my father telling me about "The Cheesemans" who were friends or cousins to my grandfather who came from Barbados. I will have to ask dad about them. Time to make a phone call :)

Seeing the names listed above certainly makes my heart ache for all those who have passed on.


  1. That is what I was expecting to find in my book! I hope you have luck following the hint about your grandfather's people!

  2. My mother did a baby book too and wrote down all the gifts that were present when I was born and at least for the the first 5 years of my life.

    1. Aren't baby books neat. It's interesting to see the folks that were in your parents lives at the time of your birth.


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