52 Ancestors --2015 Edition: #7 My Inspiration--Ophelia Jones Bryant

Amy Johnson Crow of the blog No Story Too Small is back hosting the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Blog Prompt series in 2015. If you are not familiar with the project please click on the following link: Announcing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: 2015 Edition.

Week 7 (Feb 12-18) – Love. Which ancestor do you love to research? Which ancestor do you feel especially close to? Which ancestor seemed to have a lot of love?

My Ophelia I feel especially close to. I have wondered if I would have been driven to learn about my ancestors if my great grandmother Ophelia Jones Bryant hadn't sat for a portrait with her 6 month old baby girl (my grandma Mary Bryant Harrison Horton.)

52 Ancestors --2015 Edition:  #7 My Inspiration --Ophelia Jones Bryant
Ophelia Jones Bryant with her daughter Mary.

I think it's in my blood to want to know who and where I come from. This picture definitely sparked something in me though.

Ophelia Jones was born on November 20, 1894 in Morehead City, NC. She was the youngest of four children born to Alexander Hamilton Jones and Rosa Mitchell Jones. She married her childhood sweetheart, Frank Bryant on November 4, 1911 and went on to have seven children with him --Frank, Linwood, Loris, Ray, Mary (my grandmother), Rosa, and Eloise.

She worked as a school teacher and was a faithful member of St Stephen's AME Zion church in Morehead City. She was the church organist and on occasion spoke before the church.

Here's a couple of newspaper clippings I came across with her mentioned in them.

52 Ancestors --2015 Edition:  #7 My Inspiration --Ophelia Jones Bryant

 The Morning New Bernian, 25 Mar 1917, Sun, Page 7

52 Ancestors --2015 Edition:  #7 My Inspiration --Ophelia Jones Bryant
The Morning New Bernian, 5 Aug 1917, Sun, Page 4

These articles appear to be referring to special programs that were held at St Peter's AME Zion Church in New Bern. St Peter's AME Zion Church is known as the "Mother Church of Zion Methodism in the South."

An interesting note, I just realized that my great grandmother died on February 20, 1939. Now 76 years and 7 minutes later I am writing about her.

You can read more about my maternal great grandmother Ophelia in the following posts:

Amanuensis Monday: Frank Bryant And Ophelia Jones's Marriage Certificate


  1. She'S beautiful, and I love this picture - especially the look on the baby's face! Thanks for sharing!


  2. A beautiful woman and handsome photo. I'm stopping by from GeneaBloggers after reading your interview. I keep seeing you around the blogisphere, so I'm glad Gini interviewed you.

  3. Stunning photograph. I can totally see how it would inspire you to learn more about your ancestors. Both mother and child have such serene faces. So happy to discover your blog--thanks, Geneabloggers!

  4. What a fantastic photograph! I can see why it inspires you.


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