Something About Me Saturday: This Too Shall Pass

Something About Me Saturday:  This Too Shall Pass --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

This week was a real blur. I'm tired. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes. At least I can say we've come out on the other side and I know things are going to be alright.

Last Sunday--

We have a night time routine in my house where all four of us --the kids, my husband Tom, and I lay in bed together and talk about the highlights of our day. It's a great time for re-connection. Last Sunday there was someone missing from the bed. My dear hubby was in the hospital being evaluated because he was having chest pain. He had two heart attacks in December, which I wrote about briefly, on my post Ready, Set, Blog! He had been having some on again off again pain since he had a stent put in to hold open a previously blocked artery. Yes, he had been in consultation with his doctor about the pain. Finally on Saturday night, the discomfort started to ramp up again and we thought it best that he should go to the hospital. 

Of course this was when my body decided that it would be a good time to come down with a stomach bug. By Sunday night I was a pretty washed out version of myself. My kids crawled in bed on either side of me and we began to talk about our day. On top of being worried about their Papa, now Mom was sick. They were concerned. That's when a beautiful teaching moment happened.

I started to talk to them about a time when I was a kid and my mother and I both came down with a stomach virus. Oh man, we were sick, so sick. It was awful. I can laugh about it now but back then we were not laughing at all. The only thing we could do was just lay down and bundle up under the covers in between visits to the bathroom.  I remember looking over at my mother and she looking back at me and I think the humor of the situation kind of hit us. We were just these tired, sick miserable lumps hanging out in bed and all we could do is just smile and say to ourselves, "This too shall pass."

My kids were amused by my story. They get a kick out of the thought of their mother being a little girl and grandma taking care of me like I take care of them. I saw that the worry in their faces had eased. Telling the story also improved my spirits.  Even though I was feeling like crap, I knew I wouldn't always feel that way. I also knew somewhere in my heart that my hubby was going to be okay too.

It turned out that I was right. My husband's cardiologist decided to go in and check the stent. Stent, arteries, and heart all looked good. Tom was released from the hospital on Tuesday.We still have to figure some things out. He may be having some sort of gastro issue or it might actually be angina. For now, I am satisfied that he's back home with his family. 


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