Okay I am having major PC withdrawel. LOL!

This going without a computer at home is getting old now. It probably won't be here until next week. Ughhh! I like my book reader for reading books, not surfing the internet. Touch screens just don't hack it for me. I like a keyboard, for the mere fact that I could type what I just typed in one try versus typing, stopping to review text, then erasing and re-typing. Oh well. Must have patience. I thought I should take the opportunity to share that my grandfather Lemuel Harrison has been on my mind as of late. I've been thinking about his love of going on cruises. I remember once when I was quite small I went with my family to see him off on one of his adventures. I couldn't believe how large the ship was. We were able to walk my grandparents only to a certain point near the entrance of the boat and so we did just that. We said our goodbyes. Hugs and kisses all around to everybody and off they went up into the ship. My parents and my brother and I walked back down from the boat's entrance ramp on to the pier where my father found a spot where he could scoop me up and seat me on top of a huge wooden post. There I was, high off the ground right at the pier's edge with nothing but water down below. I remember that narrow space of water between the ship and the pier. The water was dark blue-green in color and lapping gently back and forth. Then that narrow space grew wider as the boat eased off on it's way. I think at this point I got a little nervous about how high up I was and seeing the water stir up down below became too much for me and I asked my dad to get me down. We stayed and saw the ship set out for just a bit longer before we headed back to where our car was parked. All these years later those images are so clear in my head, especially the images of that narrow gap of water between the boat and the pier. As I traveled along my genealogy journey and discovered my Azorean connection through my Whitney line, one of my grandfather's family lines, I asked myself, "Is this why this memory from my childhood is so vivid? Perhaps this is why my grandfather liked cruises?"


  1. Nice post! Hope you get your computer soon as I would be lost without one! My daughter has been doing all her computering via her smart phone for almost a year now since her desktop crashed. I don't know how she can stand it!

  2. Thanks Yvette and Lisa. Lisa, your daughter has to be a ton more patient than I am.


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