Thankful Thursday: I have never been so thankful as today to live on a hill.

Please say a prayer tonight for all those being affected by the historical levels of flooding taking place in the Northeast. I tell my friends that it was no accident that my husband and I wound up in the house we live in currently. It was a little over 9 years ago that we made our move from an apartment we shared to our haven on the hill. We had just a month to find it and it was more like it found us. We are not rich. The house is a nice middle class home in working class neighborhood. Great neighbors and close to everything we need. We are blessed that we are safe and dry and at home. So many can't say the same thing. If you read this, just say a little prayer to send comfort and peace to the hearts of those who are suffering tonight.
This is a park located at the bottom of our hill.
There is a whole neighborhood under water to the left of where this is located.

My son's favorite place, Toys R' Us under water.


  1. May there be peace in the valley.

  2. Thanks Linda. Waters are starting to recede but it is going to take days for this to go down to pre-flood levels.

  3. I have spent a whole day worrying about my daughter who lives in Bradford County PA. Thankfully her town (Sayre PA) has a Facebook page and posted regular updates and pictures.

    She did not get flooded but the hospital where she works cancelled elective surgeries because of the flood. A few of her co-workers havd damage. I am hoping things will be geting back to normal. She also lives on higher ground in the town.

  4. I am glad that your daughter is okay. I live in the Binghamton area and it may be awhile before things get back to normal. A lot of area businesses experienced flood damage and I think as of now portions of Rte 17 and 81 are still covered with water.


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