Taking a Break to Make a Memory :)

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful! Took time out to visit New York City with the kids. It was their first time seeing the Museum of Natural History and the wonderful dinosaur exhibits they have there. Here are a few of the pictures.

No my husband and daughter are not space aliens although, their eyes might say otherwise. LOL!

Dad says, "Hey check this out."

"This is pretty cool!"

How something could have been this big boggles my mind.

"Today, we are here to talk about dinosaurs. Let's begin."

"Ahh! Did somebody say dinosaurs?!"

"Okay, seriously on the subject of dinosaurs..."

"We love dinosaurs! Hey, where's dad?"


  1. This was such an adorable and great post all at the same time!! Yes! Sometimes it is so important to take some time off to make some memories!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures, beautiful memories being made. Guess what, my husband works in that place. It's fun to think you may have passed by each other.

    1. Small world there Angella. We probably did pass each other. :)


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