Not So Wordless Wednesday: What Does The Name Kelleher Mean Anyway?

My husband told me about this sometime ago and it came up again in conversation today. That's when I thought...ya know, I think that's a blog post. I love my husband to bits. It's a cliche, but I knew that he was "the one" when I met him. After our first date, I came back home and told my roommate that I had at the time that if Tom was indeed "the nice guy" he kept telling me he was, I was going to marry him. Turned out he was telling the truth. 

We've had our ups and downs like in any marriage, but we always come back to the place we call us. 

Now getting back to that thing that came up in conversation again today; it was regarding the meaning of the name Kelleher.  On, they describe the Kelleher name meaning as "companion-dear" or "lover of company."

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One of my husband's friends told him that the name translated more closely to "a man who overly loves his wife."  Now when I heard this, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical so I started looking on-line today to see if in fact this might be true.'s definition seemed on the right track. 

To my surprise on another website called Irish, I found an article that made mention of this specific translation. Here's the link to the article:

This is an excerpt from that article called "The Kelleher Clan" by Conn Corrigan.

Kelleher exists also as Keliher, Kellaher, Kelliher, etc. The modern forms of the name are derived from the Irish name O Ceileachair, from ceileachar, which means "uxorious," or "excessively fond of one's wife."

Tom Kelleher, my husband, at the Grand Canyon in 2003.

Kelleher...I think the name is very fitting for this man.


  1. That is so sweet Andrea! I love this story. It is good to see a couple that really love each other. You have a good man!!

  2. Ahwww, that's so sweet to have a name that tells who you are. You are a fortunate woman.

  3. A sweet, open-hearted guy. You really can tell that from his expression!


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