Something About Me Saturday: Apple Picking With The Family

Last weekend the family and I went apple picking on a picture perfect day. Here in my neck of the woods, apples are great this year. All week I've been making apple sauce and today I baked my first homemade apple pie. Yummy!

Here are some pictures from our visit to Lone Maple Farm. I just love days like this.

"Hold on a second."

"I gotta strike a pose"

The guys getting in on the action.

"There are some good apples here mom."

"Check this one out dad."

Happy husband.

"Everybody say apples!"


  1. Sweet and Delicious! Love the Family!

  2. Homemade apple pie (ala' mode) sounds so good right now. Yum.

    1. My first apple pie was so good. I have to get to baking more.

  3. Lovely post ... lovely photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this. You kids seem so happy.

    1. Thanks Angella! Yes they are. I am blessed. Hugs to you.


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