The Book Of Me: Prompt 2 --Your Birth

Prompt 2 is out. Hooray! If you missed my responses to prompt 1, here's the link:  The Book Of Me: Prompt 1 --Who Am I?

Fellow blogger Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest, released prompt 2 of what is going to be part of a 15 month project she is heading up.

The prompt for week 2 is Your Birth

Do you have any baby photos?
Where were you born?
Who was present at your birth?
What day was it? Time?
Did you have hair? Eye colours
Are you a twin?

My first picture.

I was born at LaGuardia Hospital in Queens, NY via Cesarean section. In regards to who was present, I know I was there...

and of course my mother and the doctors and nurses. My father was at the hospital but at that time fathers weren't allowed into the operating room.

How cool is this! I just took a break to look over my baby book that my mom filled out when I was born and I found out something new. 

First, here's the stuff I knew.

I was born at 4:05pm on a Wednesday
Weight:  6lbs 8oz.
Length: 19 inches 
Hair color:  Brown
Eye color:  Brown

I knew my mom went into premature labor with me but I didn't realize until now that she had been in labor for 27 hours before the surgery.

Also, I learned that my middle name, Lynn, was chosen to pay homage to my grand uncle Linwood Bryant.


  1. 27 hours - phew! She must have been pleased to see you at last :)

    1. I know. I feel kind of bad but it's not like I had control of what was going on. She's a great mom. I was definitely sent to the right lady :)

  2. I hope they weren't 27 hours of hard labor. Glad you finally showed up.


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