Mappy Monday: Camp Bryan, NC and "The Savory Dishes Of An Aged Negro."

Today was a day I needed a little something to make me smile. Nothing bad happened to cause my ill mood. It was just one of those days. Maybe I woke up with a "case of the Mondays."

Well, this newspaper article that I came across helped me get out of my funk and actually crack a smile. My 2nd great grand uncle, Dave Sampson, I have written about previously on this blog. He seems to have a way of popping up in something entertaining from time to time. His wife, Mary Mitchell Sampson and my 2nd great grandmother, Rosa Mitchell Jones, were sisters and that is how he is connected to me. If you are new to my Dave Sampson, here are the links to my posts about him:

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Friday Funny: A Tale From David Sampson

Article from Page 4, Hope Star (Hope Arkansas) January 28, 1930

Caption under the pictures reads: Rex Beach, noted writer upper left, Babe Ruth, upper right and Irvin Cobb, humorist, are among the celebrities who trek to Dave Sampson's hunting camp each year for his famous barbecue, collard and cornbread

Camp Bryan, NC is located approximately 23.3 miles south of New Bern and is part of the Croatan National Forrest

Images courtesy of Google Maps


  1. The dialect is irritating but his cooking much have been delicious!

  2. Folks will go out of their way for a good meal. I hope Dave was paid well.

    1. I think Dave did okay. People certainly loved his cooking it seems.

  3. "No wonder Babe Ruth weighs so much" LOL! He was not shy to speak his mind.


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