The Book Of Me: Prompt 9 -- Halloween

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This week’s prompt is Halloween

Have you ever participated in a Halloween event?
When was it?
Where was it?
What did you dress as?
Trick or treat?

Let's see. I don't recall going to any Halloween parties as a kid although, I probably did at some point. I do remember trick or treating. I used to go out trick or treating with my older brother when we lived in Cambria Heights, NY and then when we moved to Long Island, I would go with friends. I think the first time I ever dressed up, I was as a clown. The costume my mother made for me. Every year after that, I went as a witch. I would wear a long dark skirt, turtle neck and an old poncho from my mother's closet. Top that off with a witch hat purchased from a local discount store and you have yourself a witch costume. Honestly, I never really gave it much thought on how I would dress for the holiday. I was more concerned with how much candy I could get my hands on :)

Since I don't have much for this post, I figured I'd share a couple of pictures of my little ones from Halloween 2013.

My Iron Man

And My Little Fairy.


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