Being Present With The Living

So you may have noticed that I've been posting a bit less this Summer. Life became really busy and it was apparent that I needed to focus on spending quality time with the living, specifically my family. And boy did we have a blast! We traveled some, played at local parks, and on quieter days just enjoyed the simple goodness of a cookout in the back yard. I marveled at how my husband and kids could stand the freezing temperature of the water that came out of the garden hose as they sprayed each other on hot days.  At first, I felt a little unsettled with the fact that I wasn't posting as often and that I continued to fall behind on blog prompts. Initially, I had big plans to keep up with the The Book of Me and 52 Ancestors projects. Nope. Didn't happen. I will continue on with these as much as I can. They are wonderful projects and if you haven't looked into them, click on the highlighted links so you can learn what they are about. 

What I do know is Summer comes and goes too quickly and my little ones aren't so little anymore. I am trying to be conscious of savoring the time I spend with them. My time as care giver slips ever more quickly away and I see these young bodies trying to shed their childhood selves. I can't say to them, wait! Stop growing! Slow down! No, it wouldn't do any good. I can be there and that is what I have done. I've been present. 

Tomorrow my son and daughter go back to school. I will have time again for writing and for research. My ancestors know and wait patiently for their stories to be told. They know. They know.


  1. You're right about that one, Andrea, your children won't stay children for long. The most important thing is to be there for them and be there with them. Sounds like you had a memory-creating summer. Glad you are back to blogging, but the absence was totally understandable.

    1. Thanks Jacqi for your comment of support. Hope all is well with you and yours. :)


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