The Book Of Me: Prompt 48 --Perfect Day Out

At the start of our walk near the entrance of
the Binghamton University Nature Preserve

If you are not familiar with this wonderful project that was created by Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog, please refer to this link:

This week's prompt is - Perfect Day Out

Cast your mind back to a day when you experienced the perfect day out.
Describe the setting
Who you were with?
Why were you there?
What or who made it special
How does the memory of that day make you feel?

It started as a simple walk in the woods last Sunday. It was beautiful day filled with bright sunshine, cool air, and with just a hint of breeze. The family and I wanted to get out and take in some nature. Sometimes nature communicates to you on a level that can't fully be put into words. It just has to be experienced. 

Flowers my daughter gave me.

While on the other side of the lake, I started to find myself looking up at the forest canopy. I felt at moments transported back in time to a place in Craven County, NC called Riverdale. My Mitchell family line came from this wooded area in eastern North Carolina. Small family farms speckled the landscape but mainly there was the forest. My 3rd great grandparents owned land there, raised children, and created a homeplace. My 2nd great grandmother Rosa Mitchell Jones was the only child to leave those woods and she settled eventually in Morehead City. What was her motivation for leaving? Was she following her husband, who's family already lived in Morehead.? Was it for job opportunities? Or was she tired of looking up and seeing only small bits of sky in between the branches of green. Maybe those branches were holding her back from her own dreams.  Sometimes, I find myself imagining being present during some conversation that took place long ago between Rosa and her mother Annie Taylor Mitchell. Rosa turns to her mother at the end and says, "Momma, I just got to get out of these woods."

Then I see my daughter on the path in front of me and I am back in 2014. I breathe in the fresh and feel a heightened sense of satisfaction. On days like this, if you allow yourself to be present you may be able to open a door to the past. 

Heading back to civilization.

I love seeing this man smile.

A girl on the move.

From present to past and past to present.
 A perfect day out can merge the memories of both together.


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