Something About Me Saturday: I Have A Thing For Cake.

Cake can't solve problems. It isn't the answer to world peace. It isn't particularly healthy for you. It is the thing I gravitate towards however, when I am looking for a boost or a special treat. I love me some cake especially super sugary sweet birthday cake. If I want the full effect, even it isn't my birthday I might bust out a couple of birthday cake candles and light them on top of a honking piece of cake. Then I'll blow the candles out and breath in the smell of smoke and candle wax. Then it's on. I'm chowing down on simple sweet sugary goodness. Ahhh. Cake. I think I have to make a trip to the store now, excuse me. :)

Here's a piece I chowed down on last week. Heaven!


  1. Wow that is some colorful cake! I love cake too, but not especially store cake. My family makes the best cakes and I'm lucky we don't have more birthdays and holidays!

  2. I love Cake too! That is Beautiful. It's hard to find those layered cakes from the old days...Glad to see a Modern version of it! Pretty!


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