My Great Grandmother--Carrie E. Whitney Harrison

Here is where we are:

My Mother---Grandfather Lemuel Harrison--Great Grandmother Carrie E Whitney.

Carrie E Whitney Harrison was born October 11, 1897 in New Bern, NC. She was the youngest of six kids as seen on the 1900 Census.

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My Great Grandmother--Carrie E. Whitney Harrison --How Did I Get Here?  My Amazing Genealogy Journey

The family home was at 10 Brown's Alley which later was changed to 709 Brown's Ave.

Samuel Whitney (October 1856--July 21, 1916) and Sarah Jane Harris Whitney (abt 1861--Sept 12, 1937)


Samuel David Whitney (November 2, 1885--March 12, 1957)
John H Whitney (born abt 1888--date of death unknown)
George W Whitney (born abt 1890--date of death unknown)
Benjamin Whitney (November 20, 1895--February 1970)
Annie L Whitney Brown (May 12, 1896--September 7, 1913)
Carrie Ethel Whitney Harrison (October 11, 1897--August 1, 1939)

The Whitney line for me was very interesting to follow. I was told as a child by my grandfather that on his side of the family, his heritage was African American, Cherokee, and Portuguese. I always wondered about this Portuguese blood he talked about. Was it true? This brings us to an email I received from my Grand Aunt Carrie after I reconnected with her since my youth. Here is the email.

Dear Andrea,
Thank you for the information you sent regarding the family tree.  I am sure I could not have gathered as much info as you have provided.  It is just amazing how Ancestry .Com obtain this information. 
Thomas Duke Harrison resided at 1510 Lincoln Street, in New Bern.  My father, John Harrison resided at 709 Browns Alley in New Bern. It is now changed to Browns Avenue.

I don't have any other information about my great grandmother, Amy Harris except she was living with my grandmother when she died.
I was told my grandfather's father's family originally came from the Azores Islands through Bermuda. He worked on a fishing boat that provided seafood in North Carolina.  They were Portuguese decent and spoke Portuguese fluently.  Grandfather Samuel was very fair skin with light green eyes and reddish blond hair.  My mother, your great grandmother, had his completion.  He died long before I was born.

Take care.

Aunt Carrie

This was a mind blowing email to receive to say the least.  More on my connection to the Azores tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for sharing..Happy searching..and you know my eyes are more keen to Harrison now...Been looking when I look for my own Cully records.

  2. Its amazing when someone says one completely innocent thing that sends us scurrying off in a new direction. Good luck with your search.


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