Dr. John DeGrasse--African American Civil War Surgeon.

When I was reviewing my 2nd great grand uncle's civil war pension file I came across some interesting side-note information. One of those little known facts that is often overlooked when discussing the grand story of the Civil War. According to Augustus Whitney's pension file he was treated by a Dr. John V. DeGrasse. So now in this age of google, I decided to google the good doctor's name and I was brought to several articles about the man. 

Dr. John DeGrasse--African American Civil War Surgeon. --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey
Dr. John V. DeGrasse
African-American Doctor who served as assistant surgeon with the 35th United States Colored Infantry.
Image Courtesy of the Massachusetts African American Museum, Boston & Nantucket, MA and the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Here is one that appeared in Black America Web.com, Dated Thursday December 16, 2010 By Erica Taylor

Another golden nugget I found, was on the RootsWeb Page (An Ancestry.com Community), called The African American's Civil War: A History of the 1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers. Chapter 2 -Part 1.

This second article gives lots of information about the formation of the 1st North Carolina Colored Volunteers which was later renamed the 35th United States Colored Infantry. Towards the end of the article it gives a little more detail about the controversy that arose as the result of  Dr. DeGrasse being appointed to this unit.



  1. I like that you looked up the Doctor's information. This is a really cool way of enriching your family stories. I did that with My Grandfather's Death Certificate, and may post at a later date as the Physician became well known in History.


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