Wordless Wednesday: Hyde County, NC

Closeup of a map at the NC State Archives called "Hyde County, North Carolina (State Highway and PublicWorks Commission)" Published in 1938.
Lake Comfort is shown labeled in the center and is apparently where my Whitney Clan lived. It spans approximately from Swindell Fork on until it ends at where the map is labeled New Holland (part of the word Holland is cut off in the right portion of the map)

So the book came. That's right, the book I ordered a couple of days ago called "Hyde County History:  A Hyde County Bicentennial Project" by the Hyde County Bicentennial Committee. It is an excellent resource if you have connections to Hyde County. I have only started to skim through it but it looks like it has lots of good information. I have even surmised a theory for why and how the Whitneys may have left New Bern to come to Hyde County sometime during the years following the Civil War. Some good posts are definitely to come.


  1. Congratulations on your marriage....train him early when he's young and you won't have any trouble when he is old. LOL Soon my husband and I will be married 40 years, where did the time go???

  2. I love that sign! "The Road Less Traveled" Look forward to more about this town and their migration to New Bern even though it was still in the State of NC. ;-)


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