Wordless Wednesday--Mom and Me.

Do you ever have a case where you think the ancestors are working behind the scenes to get you ready for your big search. Well the reason for my statement has to do do with my journey. My ancestry journey started for me when I was kid and I would look at my Grandmother's picture of her mother in her bedroom. There's a picture of Ophelia Jones Bryant that used to hang in my grandmother's bedroom and whenever I would visit I would look at that picture for a period of time and wonder who that lady was and what she was like. That was for me the catalyst in my journey. Little did I know that there was another beautiful golden nugget just so subtlety in the background of my youth. When I started my ancestry search almost 3 years ago I filled my mother in on every step of the way with all the discoveries I made. My mother had asked for a copy of her great grandmother's picture from my aunt and uncle who live in Morehead City, NC. My Uncle Nat made a copy of the picture he had in their living room and sent it off to my mother showing Rosa Mitchell Jones. Upon receipt my mother quickly showed it to me and I had that wow moment that we long for when doing genealogy. Well anyway it didn't register to me that I had seen the picture before until I looked at a picture of my mom and me visiting her mom when I was in high school. Check this out. Here is the picture of Rosa Mitchell Jones that my uncle sent to my mom promptly on request and subsequently I have it.

Here's a picture of my mom and me during my senior year of high school, visiting her mom and sitting on her piano bench. (hint--look behind us on the piano ledge. Do you see anything familiar?)


  1. That is so awesome!! I think I posted somewhere before, that I would look at photos that have other photos in them...Great!!! I am so excited about your journey...Look forward to seeing more.

  2. What a great story! I know I'm going to be looking more carefully at the backgrounds of old photos much more intently from now on...


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