I Had A Genealogy Happy Dance Moment Today! :)

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Okay, I had one of those genealogy happy dance moments today! I found another cousin. WooHoo! Had a lovely conversation on the phone with her this morning and I am still grinning from ear to ear. 
To my newly found cousin, thank you for being open to talking to me today. I learned so much and I am so proud of our shared family history. I look forward to speaking to you again over the phone.

And yes this is another cliffhanger. Please don't hate now. I know I have this bad habit of doing this but the reason why it is a cliffhanger is that I did not get a chance to ask my newly found cousin about what the guidelines are about what I can blog about.
I only share information when it is agreed upon by both parties.

I couldn't contain my excitement though! WooHoo! I have another cousin.
The term cliffhanger made me go to YouTube just now to see if I could find a certain clip from a children's TV show that my son used to love. This is from the show "Between the Lions" which used to run on PBS. I played it for him as I was writing this post and he said..."Hey, I remember that!" Oh, these kids grow up so fast. :)


  1. You are such a tease with this post - ROFL!!! But I understand and very happy to hear you've made a family connection. Isn't that what all this genealogy is about? You bet; I look forward to learning more about this new relative!

    1. Thanks for understanding Liv! I couldn't help myself. You summed it up perfectly. "Isn't that what all this genealogy is about?" Yes, it certainly is :)Thanks for reading!


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